Author: Cricket Sawyer

Love, Lust, Passion and Desire

There is never enough of any of it. Living life on the edge, grabbing all that is or dreaming of all that might be Cricket engages fully in the life before her. She is energetic, curious, and willing to step out of her comfort zone to explore the unknown. Some say she is clairvoyant, some say just a tad crazy. If you would like to know, read some of her work and then you decide for yourself. She never likes a pre-formed opinion shoved down her throat. She prefers instead to make up her own mind. Right or wrong, it's her conclusion.


A Woman Betrayed - Fury of Fires: Book 1

A Woman Betrayed
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  • Release: 2012-04-04
  • Author: Cricket Sawyer
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: * SPICY: HOT Romance, * Romantic Suspense
  • Publisher: Red Rose Publishing - Out of Business
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Longing for love; dying in a loveless marriage, Cheyenne leaps, but was it from the frying pan into the fire? Her dark knight has baggage of his own and it threatens to destroy them both.

Is their love strong enough to concur it all?

Exploration, exploitation, passion, lust, and lies

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