Author: Bailey Bristol

While many of you know me as Mary Schwaner, coloratura soprano, graphic artist and IT geek -- and yes, one of you even knows me as Grammie -- Bailey Bristol is the pen name under which I write all my historical and contemporary suspense novels.

As Bailey, I promise to take you to the most amazing places...places you hadn't thought about visiting, to be sure. Whether it's backstage at the opera house in Vienna or at the bottom of a coal shute in Mounthaven, Ohio -- the 1890's or present day -- the characters you will meet are uniquely Bailey's.

Of course, I suppose here's the place that I should warn you that some of Bailey's villains are downright evil, so don't say I caught you offguard when Baron Walraven springs one of his antique instruments of torture on you. Let's face it. Evil is evil in all its many hues. So forgive me if occasionally Bailey paints in the darker tones.

With family and true love as over-arching themes in my stories, I hope to bring you tales that will make you weep, smile, and recommend the books to your friends. If I manage that, then I have accomplished my mission.

I do love to hear from my readers, so please use the contact menu to send me a note. I promise to share them all with Bailey...the good, the bad, and the downright evil!