Author: Ann Redisch Stampler

I'm Ann Stampler, a writer with a double life. By day, the reteller of classic folklore, but by night the creator of edgy YA. (OK, the day and night thing is not completely accurate, particularly since, with a deadline looming for my next YA, I am working on the novel day and night, but you get the general idea...)


Where It Began

Where It Began
  • Number: 9781442423213
  • Release: 2012-03-06
  • Author: Ann Redisch Stampler
  • Genre: YA
  • Tags: * Contemporary, * Young Adult
  • Publisher: Simon Pulse
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A teen’s world comes crashing down in this compulsively readable YA debut that’s as literary as it is commercial.

Gabby Gardiner wakes up in a hospital bed looking like a cautionary ad for drunk driving—and without a single memory of the accident that landed her there. But what she can recall, in frank and sardonic detail, is the year leading up to the crash.

As Gabby describes her transformation from Invisible Girl to Trendy Girl Who Dates Billy Nash (aka Most Desirable Boy Ever), she is left wondering: Why is Billy suddenly distancing himself from her? What do her classmates know that Gabby does not? Who exactly was in the car that night? And why has Gabby been left to take the fall?

As she peels back the layers of her life, Gabby begins to realize that her climb up the status ladder has been as intoxicating as it has been morally complex...and that nothing about her life is what she has imagined it to be.

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