Author: Alexandra O'Hurley

Alex was born in the sticks of Maryland, but came to the Seven Cities Of Hampton Roads, Virginia at the tender age of 7. Being the new kid, she was shy, and books were her best friends.

Fast forward several, marriage, child, divorce, and then strings and strings (and strings) of dating Mr. Wrongs (and a couple of Mr. Rights along the way) all led to putting fingers to keyboard and living vicariously through her characters.

Alex loves to ride roller coasters with her fifteen year old kiddo, eat sushi, watch lightning storms, ski (when not running into bushes) and dance to obnoxiously loud rock and roll with a beer bottle in her hand when she can find the time.

Still living somewhere in Hampton Roads, probably napping with her fingers on a laptop, lying on a beach somewhere hoping her stories make you smile. 

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