Author: Alan M Hallene Jr.

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The Hope of Heaven - God's Eight Messages of Assurance to a Grieving Father

The Hope of Heaven
  • Number: 9780718022051
  • Release: 2015-03-10
  • Author: Alan M Hallene Jr.
  • Genre: Mainstream
  • Tags: Religion & Spirituality
  • Publisher: Thomas Nelson
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Sometimes, when the worst becomes reality, God turns theoretical musing into heavenly experience.

Al Hallene discovered his college-student son’s body after Alex hanged himself. While Al waited for the authorities to arrive, he had ten minutes alone with his son. During that wrenching time, God gave Al eight visions of heaven, where the father and son would someday reunite. As Al recounts those heartening and healing moments, readers are reminded of the affirming hope that Christians share even while asking the real questions tragedy raises: Will we see our lost loved ones again?  Does God care about our pain? What does this mean for us now?

The Hope of Heaven is a very different kind of heaven book: rather than an argument for the existence of heaven or an account of an out-of-body experience, Alan Hallene gives readers a glimpse of life beyond the tragedies we endure.

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