Author: A. Katie Rose

A. Katie Rose is a workaholic living in San Antonio, Texas. With her day job as a photographer, she writes in what little remains of her spare time. She enjoys long walks, reading (when possible), watching movies, red wine, and drinking beer around a fire with friends. Among her extracurricular activities, she rides her horses and rescues cats.

A Colorado native, she earned her B.A. in literature and history at Western State College, in Gunnison, Colorado. Her first novel, “In a Wolf’s Eyes”, was published in April of 2012. Her second book, “Catch a Wolf”, was released in July, 2013. The third of the series, “Prince Wolf”, was released in May of 2014. “The Unforgiven” was published in march of 2015. She is busy working on the fourth of the “Saga of the Black Wolf” series, “Under the Wolf’s Shadow”.


Prince Wolf - The Saga of the Black Wolf, #3

Prince Wolf
  • Number: B01JY0AQTG
  • Release: 2016-08-07
  • Author: A. Katie Rose
  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Tags: Urban Fantasy / Paranormal, Series: Read in Order
  • Publisher: House Anderson Publishing
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Raine has discovered that he is not just gai’tan, the werewolf, he is the direct descendant of the wolf god, Darius, and the Chosen One of the wolves. In accepting his wolf self, and merging both halves - man and wolf - he also accepts his role as the wolves’ savior: he must slay the monster that keeps Darius a prisoner. Unless Darius is freed, wolves will die out as a species. But Raine has had a vision, and has foreseen his own death. In order to keep his love, Ly’Tana, safe, he abandons her and all those dear to him. With only Darius’ voice in his head for company, he leaves behind his blood-brother, Rygel, his newly adopted wolf son, Tuatha, and his loyal Tarbane, Tashira, to travel to the frozen north alone and heartbroken.

Angry and bewildered, Ly’Tana resolves to follow him north. Yet, her divine enemy makes another attempt to kill her. Under Rygel’s guidance and protected by a pack of enormous wolves, Ly’Tana, her kinsman, Kel’Ratan, and her warriors ride in search of a monk who can save her from divine retribution. High King Brutal hasn’t given up his chase to marry her and seize her beloved country, nor has the Shekinah Tongu turned aside from their Blood Oath to slay Rygel. Hunted by both men and gods, Ly’Tana rides in search of answers, before she can ride in search of her one true love.

Will Raine escape the evil wizard Ja’Teel’s traps? Can he stave off starvation as he learns to hunt as a wolf? Can Ly’Tana survive the wrath of a god and outwit a murdering King? How will she endure treachery from within her own camp?

Thus begins Prince Wolf, Book Three of the Saga of the Black Wolf.

Catch a Wolf - The Saga of the Black Wolf, #2

Catch a Wolf
  • Number: B01JWWZLD2
  • Release: 2016-08-06
  • Author: A. Katie Rose
  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Tags: Urban Fantasy / Paranormal, Series: Read in Order
  • Publisher: House Anderson Publishing
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Raine, Ly’Tana and the others escape Brutal’s trap, but with dire consequences. Kel’Ratan has been grievously injured, and Rygel must take him to safety to save his life. Yet, they are not out of danger. A monstrous storm called the Wrath of Usa’a’mah has halted their flight from Khalid and they must seek shelter within a remote monastery or die under the storm’s power.

But High King Brutal has allied himself with the deadly assassins, the Shekinah Tongu. The secretive clan has sworn out a Blood Oath against Rygel in retaliation for his leaving their brothers in the forest to die. With their hellish hounds and Brutal’s dark wizard, Ja’Teel, they track Raine and Ly’Tana through the devastation left by the storm. Raine leads them into the west, toward Ly’Tana’s home of Kel’Halla, with Brutal’s menace confronting them at every turn.

As he finds himself falling in love with the exotic Ly’Tana, Raine is plagued by a mysterious voice in his head. Is he going crazy? In Raine, Ly’Tana discovers the one man she cannot live without. However, an evil entity has targeted Ly’Tana, bent on her destruction. How can Raine, Rygel, Kel’Ratan and her griffin bodyguard, Bar, keep her safe from its vast, unseen power?

Hunted by Brutal and his evil allies, Raine, Ly’Tana and their friends discover a new, and very strange, force dogging their trail – a pack of enormous, cunning wolves. Mysterious wolves who call to Raine in the night, and bring alive the secret he’s kept hidden, even from himself. Taunted by nightmarish visions, Raine is forced to confront his own dark demon – the beast within himself.

Who will catch Raine and Ly’Tana first? Brutal and his pets – or the wolves?

Thus begins the second novel of the Saga of the Black Wolf series.

Under the Wolf's Shadow - The Saga of the Black Wolf, #4

Under the Wolf's Shadow
  • Number: B01I0OB8CG
  • Release: 2016-07-05
  • Author: A. Katie Rose
  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Tags: Urban Fantasy / Paranormal, Series: Read in Order
  • Publisher: House Anderson Publishing
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He must slay a monster.

Raine travels north with his companions, Tashira and Darkhan, to the frozen north. Through the great barrier that separates the living from the damned he must go. Into hell where he will meet the Guardian in battle and fight for the freedom of the wolves’ god, Darius. He had a vision he will die in this fight. Yet, should Raine fail, and the Guardian slay him before he can kill it, Darius shall never be free. And his beloved wolves will die out as a species. But the treacherous Ja’Teel sets his traps to ensnare him. And Raine must fight to keep not just himself alive, but his loyal friends as well.

She will fight at his side.

Pursued by a dark god bent on vengeance, Ly’Tana battles the evil Tongu and their daemon king. Accompanied by Rygel, Kel’Ratan, her Kel’Hallan warriors and the pack of enormous wolves she travels the high mountains, determined to find Raine. Ly’Tana, Beloved of the Gods, must elude the one god who wants her blood spilled. Fighting to remain one step ahead of death, she seeks only to fight beside Raine as he battles the Guardian. And if he should die on this quest, she wants only to die at his side.

He will stop at nothing.

The dark wizard Ja’Teel has invaded the holy mountain of the dragons, and snatched their most precious possession: the egg from which their next shaman will hatch. Unless Raine, Ly’Tana and Rygel are taken to him and King Brutal, he threatens to slay the infant. Should he kill the hatchling, the dragons are forever sundered from their divine Mother.

Thus begins Book Four of The Saga of the Black Wolf,

Under the Wolf’s Shadow

The Unforgiven

The Unforgiven
  • Number: B01CHCVUZC
  • Release: 2016-03-02
  • Author: A. Katie Rose
  • Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy
  • Tags: * Fantasy
  • Publisher: House Anderson Publishing
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When the moon and the sun

Are joined as one,

From tears of strife, from the bitter ashes,

From sorrow and from rage

That what was once parted

Shall again be one.

First Captain Vanyar: Disgraced. Outlawed. Haunted by the chilling murder of his own men, he is consumed by guilt and knows he can never find redemption for his crimes. The most talented Shape-Shifter ever born, only he can save Princess Iyumi from a Witch’s evil, and help her find the child of prophecy. But his Atani brothers, seeking justice for the slaying of Vanyar’s unit, plan his private execution against the King’s orders.

Princess Iyumi: She is the legendary “She Who Hears”, the voice of the gods, and the gods’ chosen tool. Only she knows where to find the child spoken of in the ancient prophecy, the child who will unite two warring countries and protect the world of magic from obliteration. Caught between two warring men, only her love is hers to give, to offer to the only man she ever wanted.

Prince Flynn: Despised by his own people, cruelly abused by his father, he fights to hide his magical gifts from those who would slay him for possessing them. By blood and by fire, he gains a terrible power, and condemns his own soul. He must find Princess Iyumi and the child, and bring them to his father’s mistress, the Red Witch. Or the only people who ever mattered to him, his mother and his sister, will die.

In a Wolf's Eyes - The Saga of the Black Wolf, #1

In a Wolf's Eyes
  • Number: B016VP9ED6
  • Release: 2015-10-19
  • Author: A. Katie Rose
  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Tags: Urban Fantasy / Paranormal, * Fantasy
  • Publisher: House Anderson Publishing
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Raine is a slave, a gladiator. Known as the Bloody Wolf, he is the champion of all champions in the Empire of Khalid. Ly’Tana is a warrior princess of Kel’Halla and is set to wed the heir to Khalid’s throne, Crown Prince Broughton. When Raine and his new wizard pal, Rygel, accidentally murder the High King, they set in motion events rapidly spiraling out of control. Ly’Tana discovers the true, and violent, nature of her betrothed, a man nicknamed Prince Brutal for his vicious nature, and escapes her marriage.

But Brutal will stop at nothing to have her for his wife. To entice his runaway bride into a trap, he brings down and captures her griffin bodyguard, Bar. Ly’Tana vows to have Bar back or die trying. She seeks the help of Raine and Rygel, and frees Bar from Brutal’s clutches. Yet, in doing so, Raine and Ly’Tana are forced to flee for their lives, hunted by Brutal’s secretive assassins.

Can they escape the hunters and their silent, evil hounds? Can Ly’Tana evade Brutal’s hungry need to marry her and seize her beloved country? Can Raine keep Ly’Tana alive and still save himself from capture and torture? Can they stop themselves from falling in love?

Thus begins the first novel of The Saga of the Black Wolf series.

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