Author: Sara Trimble

Sara Trimble is a mulit-genre author with over eighty short stories stored away. She currently has three novels in progress, all in various stages. She works as a columnist with Night Owl Reviews, conducting interviews with best selling authors and reviewing their books. She also writes multiple articles on a variety of topics, such as child care, local events occurring in her home county, and stress reduction tips for stay-at-home/new moms.

She resides in West Tennessee, with her fiance and family. The mother of 5, she's proud to be a good ole' Southern Belle. When she's not giving in to the wily whims of her Muse, her children or her mischievous Beagle, Sara enjoys spending time at the river with friends, fishing, and hanging out on the Mississippi Coast with her in-laws, listening to stories of days gone by.

Sara enjoys country music, simple life, gravel roads, nature, and sitting on the porch swing under a blanket of stars listening to the crickets sing.