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Boracay Vows - Carpe Diem Chronicles Book 1

In "Boracay Vows" you get destination travel along with a sweet and spicy romance. Are you ready to take a vacation and visit the island of Boracay in the Philippines? Well I hope so. It's a wonderful place to go to just relax and think abo...


In the Dark

A wolf mafia, human trafficking, kidnapping and a lot of secrets make this romance into something closer to a fast-paced action adventure. There is so much going on that you really have to keep reading due to being so wrapped up in all of t...

4 Stars

Headmaster - Lessons from the Rack, #2

"Headmaster" just didn't do it for me; I ended up skimming most of my way through it. It wasn't DNF territory, but it came close. I wasn't convinced of Mariela and Lennox's HEA and how they went about getting it - it felt like they were bar...

3 Stars

Down by Contact - The Barons

Get a bucket of ice nearby and turn your fan or air con to low temperature as it’s getting HOT in here. The second entry in “The Barons” series had former NFL teammates Simeon and Adrián clashed in a tangle of limbs and senses. I’m new to S...

  • Author: Santino Hassell
  • Review by: Didi
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, * Rom: Sports, Diverse Books
  • Publisher: InterMix

Can't Let Her Go - Nashville Dreams, #2

"Can't Let Her Go" is part bright lights big city and part hearty realism. Either way you slice it, Ms. James delivers a down home good time. Sandy James sets out to prove a point with Ethan and Chelsea. Ethan grew up in the spotlight. Famo...

5 Stars

The Beach Affair

"The Beach Affair" is a very hot romance and I loved that the author chose to do older man in love with younger man. The dialog was very well done. I love that Cal is a writer and that his friend forced him to go out and relax and have fun....


Romantic Behavior - Bad Behavior Book 4

This last installment to “Bad Behavior” might not be as action-packed as other books in the series, but it is no less an appealing story; it’s funny, endearing, and heartwarming! As far away from deadly case as it is, “Romantic Behavior” -...

4 Stars

South Seas Salvation - Corporate Services Book 3

JC Hay takes us into his third Corporate Services science fiction romance novel with "South Seas Salvation". Those new to JC and this series can jump right in and into this action packed book. Hay knows how to have you on the run and always...

4 Stars

Caressed by the Edge of Darkness - Rulers of Darkness Book 5

I've found a wonderful vampire romance series! The Rulers of Darkness series has lots of depth in both the characters and history. I enjoyed spending a couple days immersed in the world that Amanda J. Greene created. This is the fifth book...


It Takes Two to Tumble - Seducing the Sedgwicks

I'm a big fan of this author's other series but I actually thought this was her best story so far. Ben is a local pastor who ends up caring for a group of wild children against his will. Their father is a captain who is at sea when their mo...


Take Down - Blood and Glory Book 2

"Take Down" is book two in the Blood and Glory series, but can also be read as a standalone. I really enjoy a good MMA fighter book, and this series is one of the better ones that I have read. Our main characters are Megan and Gabriel. The...


The Brightest Embers - A Broken Destiny Novel, #3

Book three and the final in the Broken Destiny Trilogy, “The Brightest Embers” delivers a very satisfying conclusion from an author that continuously creates stories that entertain and does not disappoint. I have enjoyed pretty much every o...

4 Stars

Hell is Where the Heart Is

This was a cute short story about a guy trying to meet someone. He has a bit of a problem though as he is a demon and he has a very controlling mother. He heads to the human realm and meets someone at a party. The guy seems nice but if he's...

4 Stars

Alpha's Challenge - Bad Boy Alphas Book 4

I liked it. Of course I did. How could I not love a snarky sassy fox shifter and how she runs circles around a wolf called Tank? And it's Renee and Lee, which means Alpha's Challenge is funny, sweet, and filled with action of all sorts. Yep...

4 Stars

Forever Remain - Roxton Family Saga Book 7 / Roxton Letters Volume Two

I get Lucinda Brant. We are both diehard romantics at heart and when the story takes place in the early 1770’s or so it takes me to a time and circumstance that feeds my imagination. The Roxton family saga has gone through seven books alrea...

5 Stars

The Duke's Temptation

Ohhh Raven, the arm twisting has begun yet again. Regency romance, as you all probably know, is not a favorite category of mine. If it were anyone other than Raven McAllan, I probably would run off in the other direction, but somehow, Raven...

5 Stars

Saved by Her Vampires - Romance on the Go

Doris O’Connor’s "Saved By Her Vampires" is a novella that is packed with sexy vampire menage goodness. I'll admit that she’s one of those authors that I have to read her books as soon as they hit the shelf, and this book was no different....

5 Stars

Tempting Danger

I must confess, I liked this story better than the first. While the first was action-packed and constantly moving, this focused more on Alena's emotional journey from being a cold killing machine to a loving mother and wife. That's quite a...

4 Stars
  • Author: Katie Reus
  • Review by: Chris
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romantic Suspense, Series: Stands Alone
  • Publisher: KR Press, LLC

Crust No One - A Bread Shop Mystery

"Crust No One" is the second book in the Bread Shop Mystery series. We meet up again with Ivy Culpepper, the main character, and she’s on the hunt, trying to find the local produce man, which leads her down a wacky and sinister trail. I hav...

5 Stars

Escaping Fate - Veredian Chronicles Book 1

"Escaping Fate" is part of a deftly woven sci-fi epic. The characters are complex and multidimensional. The world building is incredible. The meshing of romance and sci-fi is done with skill. Slavery is the ever present backdrop to this unf...

  • Author: Regine Abel
  • Review by: Emma
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: #FirstInaSeries, * Rom: Speculative / PNR, * SF: Science Fiction, * SPICY: HOT Romance, * SPICY: Multiple Partners, Series: Stands Alone
  • Publisher: Regine Abel

Sinless - Eye of the Beholder, #1

“Sinless” grabbed me from the first few pages. Within the pages is a wonderful fantasy that I just couldn't put down. It has a great blend of fantasy and a dystopian setting that is perfect for young adult readers. I really can't wait to re...

4 Stars

Storm Crossed - The Grim Series, #4

Readers new to Dani Harper's Grim series can jump right into STORM CROSSED without feeling lost. Once done with this book you will be looking to head right out and get book one. You will want to add to the overall world and happily ever aft...


The Winter Queen's Dragon - Tales of the Black Court, #4

As a long time fan of author Jessica Aspen, I have long been wondering what became of the sister of our hero, Bosco. In this novel, the fate of Siobhan is revealed, and WOW! What a tale she has! I have fallen hard for The Tales of the Black...


Broken Mirror - Tales of the Black Court, #3

This enchanting tale is the third novel in author Jessica Aspen’s outstanding Tales of the Black Court series. I was floored by this novel. As I have mentioned before, I’ve fallen hard for Bosco, the mysterious man who features in these boo...


Mr. Blackwell's Bride - A Good Wife Book 2

The Beauty and the Beast energy in “Mr. Blackwell's Bride” drives an intensely emotional story to a breaking point. Readers are in for some romantic 21st century erotic power play that drives reality to the edge. The multi-talented storytel...


Grady Judd - Heartbreakers & Heroes Book 1

What I liked - Charli was kickass and definitely didn't need saving. What didn't work out so well for me: I was hoping for something where Charli and Grady played off each other, where maybe they'd have their fun and have something light-he...

3 Stars

The Biker's Brother - Sons of Sanctuary MC, #2 - Austin, Texas

WOW! This delectable novel is the second book in author Victoria Danann’s incredible Sons of Sanctuary series. This book deals with the second of the two princes, Brandon St. Germaine, also known as Brandon Fornight. He is just as strong a...

5 Stars

Two Princes - Sons of Sanctuary MC, #1 - Austin, Texas

To begin, I am a sucker for the long lost love stories, and this novel hits all the right notes. We first start by meeting Brant and Garland, two very strong souls who collided during one hot Texas summer.. I fell hard for both Brant and Ga...

5 Stars

Dark Rooms

“Dark rooms” can transport you to frightening places or divine ones. What comes to you prior to entering a dark room for the first time? Are there thoughts and a vivid imagination accompanied by sounds and prickly sensations? Imagine being...

4 Stars

Don't Go - For You

They met in high school, and Henry knew she was the one. She was different from other girls at the school, a scholarship student, and that set her apart in so many ways that would conspire to keep them apart. Henry let circumstances take he...

4 Stars

Trusting Him - Bromley Brothers Book 1

“Trusting Him” is about The Bromley brothers finding love. Trey the youngest Bromley starts the series off, finding his love in David Rossi. The road Trusting Him is about The Bromley brothers finding love. Trey the youngest Bromley starts...

3 Stars

Cursed - Alpha's Warlock Book 1

“Cursed” is the first book in the Alpha's Warlock series and I like it a lot. Readers get some previews into the back story of the war between the Witches and Warlocks versus the rest of the Paranormal’s. This story begins years after the w...

  • Author: Kris Sawyer
  • Review by: Sandra
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: #FirstInaSeries, * Rom: Speculative / PNR, Gay / Lesbian / GLBTQ
  • Publisher: Creative Minds

The Duke of Her Desire - Diamonds in the Rough

“The Duke of Her Desire,” is one of the best historical romances that I have ever read. I am so happy regarding this novel that I just wanted to shout out that this is the romance that I have waited all year to arrive. The romance is my fav...


The Werewolf Tycoon's Baby - Howls Romance Book 1

I'm very conflicted about "The Werewolf Tycoon's Baby" because I'm honestly not sure what sort of mindset I'm supposed to read this with. It's clearly a pastiche of the Harlequin line of romance novels. The adjective noun's noun. As such I'...

3 Stars

Raising Amalia - Veredian Chronicles Book 0

"Raising Amalia" is the beginning of epic journey and a prequel to "Escaping Fate", the first book in the Veredian Chronicles. Sevina is forced to mate with another slave as part of a psi breeding program. Her chosen male is also her true m...


Captive Princess - Romance on the Go

Winter Sloan takes readers on a whirlwind adventure into the darkness of the criminal underworld. Eve Valentin was so easy to relate to. As an overweight teen I knew exactly how she was feeling and how invisible she felt. I knew her pain. A...


What the Dead Leave Behind - Gilded Age Mystery, #1

The historical facts in "What the Dead Leave Behind" seem to be very accurate. And the characters are fascinating. It doesn't take long and you want to know more about them. I loved the gilded era! It was a different time. For the readers o...

  • Author: Rosemary Simpson
  • Review by: Bemiown
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Tags: #FirstInaSeries, * Susp: Cozy Mystery, * Susp: Mystery, Historical Fiction
  • Publisher: Kensington Books

Taming Jenna

Between the pages of "Taming Jenna" the author gives romance, seduction, mystery, and loads of sizzle. Plus the characters are strong. Our hero and heroine, Jenna and Branch, learn to trust after the attraction takes over. At first they did...


Reckless Behavior - Bad Behavior Book 3

An early precaution: brace yourself for whatever the authors would throw at our characters. I won’t say more as not to spoil the fun, just take that as friendly reminder. “Reckless Behavior” is the third entry of LA Witt and Cari Z’s “Bad B...


Daniil - Kings of Sydney Book 1

"Daniil" is the first book in the Kings of Sydney series written by Khloe Wren. While I enjoyed the writing a whole lot, I have to say that the heroine in this book made me want to rip my hair out quite a bit. Daniil is a Russian mercenary...


Christmas At Thorncliff Manor - Secrets At Thorncliff Manor Book 4

Ms. Barnes has put into words all the sentiment and amusement of what makes the holidays a magical time. Falling in love, discovering new adventures and reuniting with the people you care most about. Christmas at Thorncliff is a love note t...

  • Author: Sophie Barnes
  • Review by: Lashea
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Rom: Historical, Seasonal / Holiday, Series: Stands Alone
  • Publisher: Sophie Barnes

No Regrets - A Lexi Carmichael Mystery, #10

A wedding, a mailing error, mobsters and a proposal come together in another exciting adventure involving my favorite geek, Lexi Carmichael. Things never go smoothly with Lexi which drives her nuts but gives readers plenty of laughs. Lexi i...

5 Stars

White Knights - The White Knights Series Book 1

"White Knights" is the first book in a new series. It is a YA spin off of the popular Lexi Carmichael mystery series and like that series the main character is a female geek. Angel is the ultimate geek and is absolutely perfect for the main...

5 Stars
  • Author: Julie Moffett
  • Review by: Terri
  • Genre: YA
  • Tags: #FirstInaSeries, * Susp: Mystery, * Young Adult
  • Publisher: True Airspeed Press

Body and Soul - Death and Destruction Book 7

Okay, we are now onto book seven in the Death and Okay Book 7 of the Death and Destruction series, Body and Soul had me on the edge of my seat from the beginning to the end of the book. I love Thayne and Jarrett they are hilarious and the s...


The Spring Girls

"Little Women" is such a classic. If you like modern day versions of the old unforgettable classics then perhaps you will enjoy “The Spring Girls”. You have the loved March sisters in a modern day setting. This gives the reader a chance to...

3 Stars

Heart on Fire - The Kingmaker Chronicles, #3

Amanda Bouchet brings The King Maker Chronicles to its conclusion in "Heart of Fire". It all started in "A Promise of Fire" and ramped up in "Breath of Fire". It has been a vivid and compelling journey following Cat from hidden fortunetelle...

4 Stars

Dragon Blood - World of the Lupi Book 14

The previous book in the World of the Lupi series ended on a cliffhanger and "Dragon Blood" picks up where that one left off. Lily wakes up in the dragon realm and finds that time is different so she has gained a week. This give Lily seven...

4 Stars
  • Author: Eileen Wilks
  • Review by: BookGirl
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Urban Fantasy / Paranormal, * Rom: Speculative / PNR
  • Publisher: Berkley

Collision Course - Body Shop Bad Boys Book 4

"Collision Course" is the fourth book in the Body Shop Bad Boys series. Joey and Lou had me cracking up. I loved each character and I felt like I personally knew them. Joey is just a single mother trying to do right by her son but when Lou...

4 Stars

Every Dog Has His Day - A Bluff Point Romance

Author Jenn McKinlay's "Bluff Point," series has been a string of books that I have highly enjoyed, until now. "Every Dog Has His Day," was not my kind of book and for a number of reasons. The most important reasoning is I felt like the plo...


The Ones Who Got Away - The Ones Who Got Away, #1

I really enjoyed "The Ones Who Got Away". This is such a perfect book and it's about finding love after a tragic past. I really enjoyed the characters and I would like to see more about them in future books. I can't wait to see more from th...


There are 28,311 results matching your search criteria.