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Grace Cries Uncle - A Manor House Mystery, #6

I loved Grace Cries Uncle from the moment I opened the book! Grace is the curator and manager of Marshfield Manor in Emberstowne. A group of antique collectors have just arrived for a convention. Marshfield Manor is owned by a millionaire n...

4 Stars

Butter Off Dead - Food Lovers' Village, #3

Leslie Ann Budewitz has a way of painting pictures that hooked me from the start. The Bijou is a small town theater that will be the destination for Jewel Bay's Food Lovers' Film Festival. From the theater sign encrusted with faux gems to t...

4 Stars

Dead Men Don't Eat Cookies - A Cookie Cutter Shop Mystery, #6

I've always loved baking and I truly enjoy being able to combine my love of baking with a good mystery. The author drew me in immediately with her description of baking and frosting cookies. Her description of the kitchen was so real I coul...


Witch of Death

Liberty Sawyer is a witch but not just a witch. She's also a detective. Liberty gets called in to help with a recent murder that has definite magical involvement. Sparks fly, literally and figuratively, when she's introduced to Reid Sanders...

4 Stars