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Lessons from a Scandalous Bride - Forgotten Princesses, #2

I tried to look everywhere for a summary of this book. However, I could not find it anywhere. I went into this book completely blind as to what would happen and I think I loved it all the more for it. Cleo has lived her whole life under the...


A Little Bit Reckless

Eden left her small town and bad boy ex-boyfriend the moment she finished high school. At her parents pushing she takes off for New York with big plans. However, ten years later she feels like a failure just in time for her class reunion, a...


Star Crossed Seduction - Lords of the Seventh House, #2

Star Crossed Seduction is a historical romance unlike anything I have yet to read. This is the second book in the new astrology historical romance series by Jenny Brown and while I think the whole concept is interesting, I felt a little con...


Tutoring Miss Molly

Being my first erotic novel, I wasn't sure what to expect from this book. Yes, I knew it would be steamy, and I knew that unlike other historical romances it would be more brazen, but I have been told that just because its erotic doesn't me...


Entangled - A Private Collection

Entangled is one of those stories that you pick up and read until you finish, and finish you will. Entangled is number one a great story of boy meets girl, boy is attracted to girl, boy and girl end up together through some weird circumstan...

5 Stars

Fairy Fury - Holiday Hell House

Let me just say this book is definitely for fans of paranormal. There were all types of paranormal characters. Zombies, werewolves/shifters, and fairies! Oh, My! It is a very funny read with some action. It reminds me of Hex Hall by Rachel...


The Holly and the Ivy - A Ladies of Legend Christmas Tale

So first off I will start by saying I love romantic novels in which the hero and heroine have a love/hate relationship. It usually leads to a passionate read. And this one had the potential to be a really great passionate novel. However, it...


A Wife by Accident

The Accidental Wife is a romantic book about finding love in a precarious situation. Due to an unfortunate accident involving a watch and a sharp heel, Hayley now owes the handsome billionaire $12,000. On top of having an evil boss who is l...


Between Here and Forever

In the first couple of pages I was already fighting back tears.typical Elizabeth Scott. Reminiscent of Bloom and Perfect You, Scott writes a beautiful story of romance, family issues, tragedy, and personal growth. Every time I read one of h...

5 Stars