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Possessing the Night - Hunting the Dark Lord Book 5

Eternal Triangle had a range of emotions that I didn't expect... When mortal Dom has not one but two vampire submissives, it's going to be a wild ride. Chad's love for his female sub, Katie, who he's known since she was a mortal, transcends...

4 Stars

Shield's Submissive

I enjoyed this book for several reasons - it was well written, the spark between the hero and heroine was great and the sex was hot. But mostly, I enjoyed reading a well-thought out, emotionally charged BDSM story. The balance between sex,...

4 Stars

The Wager

This was a quick read that had lots and lots of sex. Lots. I enjoyed the humor and obvious friendship all four characters shared. I also thought the vampire angle was interesting and provided some heightened sensuality that otherwise might...


Chasing Eden

I have to admit, I read most of this story when it was still in the work-in-progress stage but never got to finish it before Kristin Daniels sent it off for publication. I was thrilled to see that not only was it as good as I'd remembered,...


Reckless Exposure - Part of the "Three Kinds of Wicked" series, but can stand alone.

Reckless Exposure is one of those stories that makes the reader keep checking the page count to see how much story is left - because you don't want it to end! Lucy and Rand have a wonderful soul-deep connection that is obvious from the very...


Maggie's M‚nage

The sex was hot...the plot? Not so much. Lust doesn't make people fall in love, nor does revenge and yet that's the premise of this story. Maggie wanted to foil her father's plans to force her to marry an appropriate man to carry on Da...

3 Stars

Play for Keeps

Play for Keeps was a great story. The sex was over-the-top steamy and hot but believable because of the emotions of the heroine, Keera. Working in a sex shop has dulled her sexually so when she takes time off to re-group, she...

4 Stars

Forbidden Island - Destination Pleasure

Forbidden Island was extremely hot and sensual...having said that, I wasn't convinced that it wasn't about much more than sex. Sure, the hero and heroine totally got off on each other and after years of lusting over their memories. And wow,...


The Trust She Yields

The Trust She Yields literally had me on the edge of my seat and, at one point, in tears. David and Lee both dominated this book, whether he was the Dom and she the submissive or not. Lee thought her past abuse at the hand of her previous D...

5 Stars