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Entrance - Thornhill Trilogy Book 1

Clarissa's is well-educated and her love of vintage clothes made me want to go out and buy something from the 50s and 60s. She is not a perfect size 2 which I love and she has a great mind. Aidan Thornhill is a sexy billionaire. In the begi...

5 Stars

The Duke Identity - Game of Dukes Book 1

Grace Callaway's 'The Duke Identity" is one of those books I will re-read. Yes, it's that good. The ferret is so cute in this story. The Black family name is like the mob to the poor in London. Tessa is a girl who will do anything to help t...

5 Stars

The Captain of Her Fate - The Other Bennet Sisters Book 1

After reading "The Captain of Her Fate" I can say I am so glad I do not live in the Regency time period. Outside of not liking the conditions of the time, I loved this book. I loved how Theo was not perfect and the story was not a tale of p...


Tannin's Thunderbolt - Demons on Wheels MC Book 1

Warning for “Tannin's Thunderbolt” had me want to read it. Be Warned: BDSM, spanking, sex toys, flogging, anal sex, public exhibition. Count me in! I loved the mystery and the “what's going to happen next” feeling. Readers get mob hits and...


To Kiss a Thief - Rogues and Rebels, #1

From the beginning of “To Kiss a Thief” I was already trying to figure out who the real thief was. Of course our heroine Sarah Pevensey wasn’t the thief, but she’s been accused of stealing jewels. So she hides in a village where everyone lo...

5 Stars

Uniformly Dead - A Stitch in Time Mystery

"Uniformly Dead" deals with an historical seamstress and a Civil War re-enactment in Pennsylvania. A doll is stolen from an exhibit! Then there is murder and romance. I loved how in this book you get a bit of everything. You start reading i...

5 Stars

Lost in Love - Road to Forever

“Lost in Love” is some different themes including damages from war, lied about from family and what one person hates another one loves. This book had it all and I'm so going to read this author again. I loved that the women in this book are...


Secret of the Painted Lady - Danger Cove, #1

“Secret of the Painted Lady” is one funny read and it makes you want to slap the male character. I started reading and was just sucked right in and actually didn't realize I had been reading for two hours. It’s a great story line and the my...

4 Stars

House of Dark Envy

In “House of Dark Envy” you get art and mystery as well as a ruined reputation. I found the story between the pages to be a great read. I cannot help but like the history lessons in some of the story lines. Some of the history stuff I ended...

4 Stars

The Cursed Countess - The Daring Drake Sisters Book 1

I am really surprised how fast I was sucked into this book. I wanted to smack the mother and was happy with the main male. You will start to really like someone and then something happens and you are like why did it change, but it was in a...