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Hunt the Wolf - A SEAL Team Six Novel, #1

Someone is kidnapping young beautiful women and selling them into slavery. While on a mission, Seal Team Six is approached by an emissary of the King of Norway and asked to help find a young Norwegian woman. After initially being ordered to...

3 Stars

Dead End Deal

Alzheimer's disease is something we all joke about and dread at the same time. Dr. Jon Ritter believes he has found a cure using Deep Brain Stimulation. There's just one problem: he's out of funding and the FDA won't approve human trials. R...

4 Stars

Murder Takes Time - Friendship & Honor Series, Book 1

The bonds formed among friends during childhood are some of the strongest that exist. Promises are made and oaths taken that seem easy to keep. Nicky Fusco believed the oaths he had taken and the friendships he had formed would last forever...

3 Stars

The Diabolist - The Dominic Grey Series, #3

The leader of a Satanic cult in San Francisco is murdered right in front of his followers. Thousands of miles away in Paris, a similar murder occurs. In both cases, witnesses claim that a robed figure appeared from nowhere and disappeared a...

4 Stars

Fossil River

Fossil River by Jock Miller is a riveting novel which offers a warning to countries that are dependent on OPEC's oil. The plot centers around an America in crisis: China has cut a deal with OPEC which will result in skyrocketing gas prices...

4 Stars

The Return - Book 1

A young man discovers a hidden library filled with books and papers mentioning the Knights Templar. Soon after, he is found murdered, surrounded by the mysterious ancient symbols of an ancient order long thought to be disbanded. His friend,...

5 Stars

Chalk Valley

Chalk Valley by DJ Johnstone is set in British Columbia. It opens with Robbie King being offered a job by a stranger she meets one night. Little does she know that it will only be a kind nod from Fate that saves her life that night. The str...

4 Stars

Unleavened Dead

Rabbi Cohen is simply trying to do her job and stay out of mischief. This is hard, though, when she keeps stumbling onto mysteries. Passover is approaching and her lesbian niece is getting married, so it is a busy time. Trouble rears its ug...


Tidal Force

Dr. Richard Elliot is trying to keep his life together. This is a hard job since he suffers from debilitating migraines. His life takes a sharp turn, however, when mysterious suicides start showing up all over D.C. As he investigates, the p...

3 Stars

Mann of War

I'll start with the positive: "Mann of War" had great potential in the first few pages. However, after that, it pretty much goes down hill. Any good thriller needs to have the action "set up" with a little background information. Brantingha...


The Devil Colony - A Sigma Force Novel

Where will you find a mixture of secret societies, hidden symbols, ancient technology and a lost tribe of Israel? A James Rollins novel, of course. Rollins always does an outstanding job weaving together fact and fiction and Devil Colony is...


The Breath of Allah

For decades, enemies of the United States have tried to drive troops out of the Middle East by striking both within the US and at foreign embassies overseas. Now, a terrorist group called the Spear of Muhammed takes a different tact by plan...