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(Never) Again

Old high school boyfriends should always stay in the past. But Liz's ex-boyfriend Zach apparently doesn't know that, because he's suddenly everywhere. And it turns out he might be exactly what she needs right now. Liz has to decide if she's...


Crave - A Billionaire Bachelors Club Novel

Crave by Monica Murphy is the story of billionaire playboy Archer, who definitely isn't looking to settle down, and his best friend's sister Ivy. Ivy is absolutely off limits. But they can't seem to stay away from each other. Archer hires I...

4 Stars

The Winning Season

Kelly Maxwell can't stand the new catcher for the San Francisco Blaze - and the feeling is mutual. Matt Scanlon is refusing to do interviews or interact with the media at all, and Kelly's job could be on the line because of it. Matt, with t...

4 Stars

Half-Hitched - Harlequin Blaze 761 - The Wrong Bed

Half-Hitched by Isabel Sharpe is a fun, sexy romance with a touch of humor thrown in. Addie was all set to get with her dream guy years ago when she totally made a fool of herself - and now she has her second chance. But when she accidental...


Living London

Jocelyn Westin wakes up in London – 200 years earlier than her time. Despite her love of Regency novels, Jocelyn wasn’t prepared to actually be living in the Regency period. She doesn’t know the etiquette and the rules of the society that s...