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Almost twenty year old Megan Keyes has left home for the very first time. Her destination: The Vancouver Olympic Games. But soon something goes awfully awry and Megan has vanished. Her mother insists she dropped her daughter off at the airp...



The last few days for Danny haven't been the greatest. He hasn't slept and he's dog tired but he still has jobs to do. Danny arrives at a dive motel just in time for the show. You see, Danny is a hitman and he's arrived just in time to witn...

4 Stars

The Temp

Brandi Anderson isn't so sure she wants to accept the new temporary job at Mitchum Construction Firm she has been offered. Her car is in the shop and the prospect of taking mass transportation back and forth each day is an unappealing prosp...



Caleb Rushton has come from a life at sea to the village of Vanitas, where he assumes a job as church sexton. One day, a circus passes through the village. Rushton is not interested, but he does catch glimpse of a female bareback rider duri...


False Alarm

Police officer David Zellner is having a bowl of chili at his friend's diner before heading out to investigate a recent burglary at Henney's Jewelry Store. He discovers some immediate discrepancies between owner and employees, first the fac...

3 Stars

A Darker Passion

Homeless advocate Aimee has been searching for a phantom. A man, dressed in black, haunts her dreams while remaining elusive to her on the streets. After a near tragic experience where he saves her, Aimee's phantom begins to take shape befo...

5 Stars

Father's Day

Preston Ives seems to have it all. A successful prosecuting attorney with a great family life, he now has his eyes on politics. A slam dunk conviction of Serial Killer Daniel Murston will assure his future. After all, DNA evidence doesn't l...


Bite With Height

Vampire Meg prowls the seedy streets and back alleys of Paris looking for her next victim. A vigilante, Meg only hunts the men who prey on vulnerable women. As she strolls, Meg spots a very lonely looking woman who seems out of place and ou...


Sugar Roux Voodoo

It's 1834, New Orleans. The lovely Lark Le Beau spends her days aboard her riverboat, the Sugar Roux Voodoo Queen, performing acts of beneficent voodoo for her select clientele. Five years earlier, she was seemingly abandoned by her first a...

5 Stars

A Mobster's Menu for Mother's Day Brunch - Beth Mathison's Mobsters

Mother's Day just got a whole lot stranger. Annalisa is about to enjoy Mother's Day brunch away from the kid's table, joining the adults of her family for the very first time. But this isn't just any Mother's Day or any family. It seems tha...

4 Stars

Dead Giveaway

Death at the funeral. Poor Julie has just arrived at her father's funeral following his untimely death in an auto accident. She hadn't seen her father for years thanks to her evil stepmother, Rose. Upon seeing Julie, Rose immediately become...


Shadow Of Guilt

Can the actions of one human being ripple out to change the direction of another person's life? The lives of two lonely souls connect by the murder of a teenage mom. Physically and mentally scarred FBI Agent Sean Paterson happens upon Megan...

4 Stars


Loner Lewis has two great loves in his life-His at home job and the Number 13 Special at the local grease pit, Manuel's Serrano Bar and Grill, prepared for him by the enigmatic Jorge. While waiting one night for his meal, the lovely Samanth...


A Cowgirl's Secret - Harlequin American Romance, #1359 - The Buckhorn Ranch

For ten years, Daisy Buckman has been living a lie. Along with her lies come devastating secrets. When Daisy left Weed Gulch, Oklahoma, at eighteen, she reinvented herself over the years as Julie Smith, a high flying attorney and single mot...


Here's Blood In Your Eye

Pompous, self-absorbed Russell Schmidt has everything he could ever want-wealth, fame, and the recognition and adoration of millions of devoted fans. Russell, the self-published author of a hugely successful string of vampire novels, knows...


Something Spooky This Way Comes

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. So this eclectic anthology of Halloween stories was a natural choice for me to read. Over all, this diverse group of stories is well written and well put together. I especially enjoyed A Witchy...

  • Authors: Lozi Hart, Keri Ford, J.W. Keleher, Tonya Kappes, Maddie James, Janet Eaves, Magdalena Scott, Jennifer Johnson
  • Review by: Stesha
  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Tags: Collections & Anthologies, * Fantasy, Supernatural, Romantic Elements
  • Publisher: Closed - Turquoise Morning Press

The Bavarian Krisp Caper

Donut-obsessed Mandy's life is falling apart around her. Unemployed in part because of her donuts, and with a boyfriend who seems to be less and less sympathetic to her plight, Mandy's attentions are fixed to only one thing in life-Bavarian...


The Electrifying Exploits of the English Three

Can three society women foil an evil plan to blow up Tower Bridge? It's London, the year 1894. Three friends, Eliza, Jillian, and Miriam receive word from their mysterious boss, Colonel Cuthbert, that a plan has been hatched by the demented...

5 Stars

50 Things You Need To Know About Outlining Your Book - Get Yourself Published

Are you thinking of writing a book? Do you wonder where to start? Do you feel buried under the tons of writing websites offering advice or writing how-to books? Confused about how to start and complete an outline? If you answered yes to the...


Slow & Sweet - A Love Story with Zombies

After her father’s death, Abby Maples comes to small town South Dakota to close up her father’s affairs. As she grapples over what to do with her father’s house, she realizes that small town living might be a nice change f...


A Vampire in Whitechapel

Victorian London. Abel, a vampire, walks the streets of Victorian London in search of his next meal. Soon, he discovers he’s not the only blood-thirsty creature haunting the bleak streets. Jack the Ripper is in full force, mutilating...


The Birds

A most unfortunate event has just happened to the Royal family of Nurseryland. The Royal family and a staff member have been viciously attacked by a flock of black birds (once Bluejays) who escaped from a giant pie that was delivered by UPS...


Killing Time

From bookkeeper to inmate in one harrowing step. Accused of a crime she did not commit, Mindy McLaurin finds herself in jail. Alone and vulnerable, she must rely heavily on her faith while she waits to have her good name cleared. The jail i...