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The Sword of Kings - The Talisman War #2

The Sword of Kings was a fun, epic fantasy novel that grabbed my attention and didn't let go until I finished it. A story of betrayal, honor, mystery, and most of all, magic. Lorn, exiled from his kingdom by his brother. He offers his sword...

4 Stars


Ramsey Campbell does it again with a tale of horror and regret in which a group of friends all make a pact with the devil through a chain letter in order to have their dreams come true, but with horrifying consequences. The rest of the nove...

4 Stars

Life Descending - The Cry of Havoc, #1

This was a fun and enjoyable book to read. The imagery and setting really makes the world of Life Descending really pop out at you, and you are able to immerse yourself in its surroundings. I absolutely love Epic Fantasy, and I also love re...


First Bite - The Dark Woods Trilogy, #1 / The Wicked Queen's Tale

First Bite is what happens when a fairy tale retelling is done correctly. This retelling of Snow White breathes new life into the age old tale, and gives it an edge that is sure to be popular with contemporary readers. The dark imagery is b...


Return of the Fallen

I enjoyed reading Return of the Fallen, and I am looking forward to what other works Rita Vetere has written, or if she hasn't, what she will write next. This book has absolutely beautiful dark imagery in every chapter, complex characters,...


The Apocalypse Gene

This is a book that genuinely surprised me. A dystopian novel for me has to be written with a clear purpose in mind, and has to show some sort of conflict; personally or socially. The dystopian society in this book is much more believable a...

4 Stars

Death Sword

This book started off so wonderfully and I was looking forward to more of it, but then it kind of went off track and became very sophomoric and overtly filled with romantic drama. Death Sword could have been so much more action-packed and f...

3 Stars

The Talisman of Faerie - The Talisman War, #1

This was a fairly well written fantasy novel, that at times seemed to be a little formulaic, but I genuinely had fun reading it. I absolutely love high fantasy and this book did a good job of portraying such a magical realm. I love reading...


Machinations of the Blood

This novel would have worked a whole lot better if it didn't focus so much on the romance. It was written well, and the imagery was beautiful, but there was way too much romantic emphasis for my liking. I know that it is supposed to have ro...

3 Stars


Tween prostitutes sell their bodies in order to get by living on the dangerous city streets. A psychopathic pedophile is on the loose and plans to lure children in order to rape and kill them. One of the young boys finds hope in a priest af...

3 Stars

The Haunting Of Alaizabel Cray

Life has been rough to Thaniel Fox, our young, but toughened protagonist. Orphaned at a young age, and left with only his father's lessons on Wych-hunting, Thaniel follows in the footsteps of his father, and becomes a Wych-hunter himself. T...

5 Stars