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You're Still the One - Harlequin Blaze, #736 - Made in Montana

I really enjoy reading Harlequin novels that take place in rural Montana. That setting instantly gets my attention even with a new to me author. Shortly after I started reading “You’re Still the One” I was wondering how Ms. Rawlins was goin...

4 Stars

Promise Broken - The Callahan Series

They say that ‘Blood is Thicker than Water’. Well in my opinion, ‘Love is Thicker than Blood’ and this wonderful story shows it. Set in the colorful Texas Hill Country, one of the great beauties of Texas, the Callahan’s are a great example...

5 Stars

Elixxir - The Brethren Series

What would you do if your whole life was turned upside down? You family was murdered in cold blood, essentially right before your eyes and now they were after you…and you had been living an assumed life that really hadn’t been all that rosy...

4 Stars

Howdy, Ma'am - Bull Rider, #1

Just thinking of Howdy Ma’am makes me smile. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I would be hard-pressed not to as a serious cowboy lover. As I am a visual person, Viela was portrayed as Catherine Zeta-Jones and Caulder was a most handsome Jimm...


Love on the Line - The Edge Series

You have two sex-hungry strangers forced into the close proximity found in a train cabin with nothing to do for several hours. Sounds like a believable premise to me ;). With just 23 pages on my reader, Love on the Line was not only a short...

4 Stars

Gambling On A Secret - The Colton Gamblers, #1

Cowboy Romances are a sure way to my heart so I was plenty excited to read Gambling on a Secret. This was the first time I had read any of Sara Walter Ellwood’s books so I was a little unsure what to expect but between the western setting,...


Tie Me Down - Knights in Black Leather, #2

Fiery Attorney Sam Marlow meet sexy Texas Rancher Case Turner. Oh, and he also happens to be a Dom. Sam comes to town to work on a water rights issue, one which Case has a definite interest in but with a really bad experience in her past wi...

4 Stars

Operation Christmas Hearts

I love Christmas Romances, especially military romances so I was quite excited to read Operation Christmas Hearts. The Good: Both of the primary characters in this book were incredibly likeable. Ashley was a very down-to-earth woman with re...

4 Stars
  • Author: Kay Springsteen
  • Review by: SnifferWalk
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, * Romance: Uniformed Heroes, Romantic Elements, Seasonal / Holiday
  • Publisher: Astraea Press, LLC