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Tallis' Third Tune

I enjoyed this read and thought the premise was original, although it did remind me a little bit of The Time Traveler's Wife. When Alice has a near-death experience, she finds herself in a small shop and characters throughout history are th...

4 Stars

Promise You'll Never Forget Me

I thought this book was good, although it didn't elicit any real emotional response from me. For me, the story was well written but I missed out on the connection between Stephanie and David. Her feelings about him bounced around in their f...

  • Author: Leah Leonard
  • Review by: Sheryl
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Speculative / PNR, * Romance: Inspirational, * Romance: Sweet
  • Publisher: Devine Destinies

A Slot Machine Ate My Midlife Crisis

I did not care for this book. Although the writing was good, Wendy was extremely selfish and unlikeable. I found myself siding with Roger during the majority of this book and thinking that Wendy was a petulant child. She was immature, had i...

3 Stars

Prince Charming, Inc.

I have to start out by saying I loved this book.absolutely loved it! The characters were wonderful. The story was wonderful and the ending was wonderful as well. Elyse uses her matchmaking skills to attempt to get enough money to pay off th...


Merry Christmas, Baby - Blaze, #651

I really enjoyed this book. It's an anthology of Christmas stories, all very different and all very good! The first story follows Lacey and Tucker, two people who went to high school together and who accidentally run into each other again d...

4 Stars
  • Authors: Vicki Lewis Thompson, Jennifer LaBrecque, Rhonda Nelson
  • Review by: Sheryl
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: Collections & Anthologies, * Contemporary, * SPICY: HOT Romance, Seasonal / Holiday
  • Publisher: Harlequin Blaze

The Olive Grove

This book involved a woman named Gia who longs for the romantic love that her grandparents had. She impulsively books a ten day trip to Italy hoping to get away from her stressful job and possibly find someone to love. On her last day in It...

3 Stars