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A Knight and White Satin

Dallis Caruth and Payton Dunn-Fadden meet in the worst way; he has come and raided her keep, basically killing a number of her people and then claims her as his bride. No one can figure out how Payton and his men have overcome and rampaged...

4 Stars

Purr-fect Man

Purr-fect Man is a great little short story. I only wish it had been longer! An injured cougar is brought into Kate's rehabilitation center. It turns out that it's a shapeshifter named Quinton. A man she is quite familiar with. No new twist...


Song of a Druid Princess - Garland of Druids 3

In this book we are introduced to the twin of VIvie who we met in My Darling Druid. I was kind of disappointed in Kate's story. She meets the great Maestro Gabriel Jourdain at the Conservatoire de Paris and at the first meeting he immediate...


Kiss of A Druid Bard - Garland of Druids 4

We first met Dr. Stephen Lovernios in My Darling Druid, which is Vivie Dellafield's story. He worked in her clinic and fell in love with her. Vivie falls in love with Dr. Alec Stratton, which breaks Stephens heart, sending him on a walking...


Two in the Lion's Den

I have always wanted to travel to Greece! Samantha and Leo finally meet face to face in Corfu, Greece. Leo's sister Antonia married Sam's brother John, even though Antonia's family was unhappy and against the union. This created some hard f...

4 Stars

My Darling Druid - Garland of Druids 2

What a wonderful story! At the end of her parents story, we get a brief introduction to Vivie and her twin sister Katie, so I had looked forward to reading Vivie's story and will look forward, hopefully so getting Katie's story in the futur...

4 Stars

Counterfeit Lady

This story starts with our main character Alice attending a masked ball, impersonating the Lady she is a companion to. She has always had a secret desire/dream to experience what it means to be part of the ton. Of course the young lady that...

  • Author: Dawn MacTavish
  • Review by: Sherih
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Historical
  • Publisher: DP

Not Quite a Lady

This is a really good read! I enjoyed this book very much! The characters are very strong and the storyline flows well and makes this a fast read! Your interest is grabbed at the first page, and you are sad to reach the end! The main charac...


Beauty Is A Beast

I enjoyed this book's basic storyline! I liked the main characters Nizhoni and Michael, but had a hard time keeping track of the supporting characters and their roles as there was so many of them! I felt like maybe I missed something, like...

3 Stars