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Above Haldis Notch

Jenna is a clairvoyant whose recently deceased mother is reaching out to her from the other side. Just in case that is not enough, she and her family have recently moved into her childhood home, and getting used to the spirit of her mother...

4 Stars

The Witch of Greenwich Village

"The Witch of Greenwich Village" is a quick paced read with wonderfully short chapters. It will have the reader turning pages to find out what is coming next. The story has mystery, horror, dark humor, even some sex. The plot was believable...

4 Stars

One Hospital Nightmare

When I was reading the summary of "One Hospital Nightmare", I was immediately drawn in and had to read it. I wanted to like it. I liked the plot, the aspect of some time travel, history and my favorite, Native Americans. I am sad to say tha...


Night Journey

Night Journey is a book full of something for everyone. You get a haunted hotel, characters you want to know better, and a suspenseful story that transcends time. There is also a lot of history tossed in about the real Crescent Hotel in Eur...


The Book of James

I like creepy. I like suspenseful. I like strangeness and huge houses that have a history, not always a pleasant one either. All of these things and more are what awaits the reader in The Book of James. Right from page one it gets ahold of...

4 Stars

Devil Tree

Lucas and Tamsen Sawyer are nearly killed when their raft was capsized while they were heading down the Greensnake River on their way to a new start. They are rescued by Jonah Duvall who takes them to his home where his wife and son help to...

4 Stars

A Satan Carol

Have you ever wondered why bad things happen to good people or vice versa? Do you ever question where God is at times like this? I think we all have had these thoughts and in reading A Satan Carol we may get some answers. Ok, not the answer...

4 Stars

That Bear Ate My Pants! - Adventures of a real Idiot Abroad

The Santa Martha Animal Rescue Center is located in South America, there they rescue animals that have been abused or thrown away. They do their best to rehabilitate but even if they can't the animals are taken care of and able to live out...