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Dragon's Future - Dragon Courage Series, #1

Dragon’s Future by Kandi J Wyatt, young adult e-book, published by Booktrope Publishing, due for release 10th August 2015. During their tenth winter, twins Ruskya and Duskya are chosen to become dragon riders. They leave their home to live...

4 Stars
  • Author: Kandi J. Wyatt
  • Review by: Sara Reid
  • Genre: YA
  • Tags: * Fantasy, * Young Adult
  • Publisher: UPdrift

When Angels Fall - Tricks and Treats

Lauren is a full figured woman, with a little self-image issue. When Lauren and Evan make love, it's lights out and in the missionary position. Evan would like to try exploring other things but out of respect for Lauren, he waits. Evan pick...

3 Stars

If Only...

Jane was looked up to as a "Pillar of her community". After all, she had lived in River Bend all her life. Jane had planned on a two-week vacation but that changed when an emergency City Council Meeting was called. Soon she found herself el...

4 Stars

Home to Stay

Nickie Grace moved to Parkersburg to rehab an old house and forget a disastrous marriage, but a prowler threatens her newfound peace. The vandalism gets more personal and creepier with every instance. It's a small town, and the investigatin...


After All These Years

Marilyn had raised her children on her own, often working three jobs to support them. With her children grown and working in a greasy restaurant, the past was almost behind her. Marilyn often thought about her husband Bobby but two decades...


Spin the Bottle - HOT

Three couples and best friends turned a game of "Spin The Bottle" into a sexy game. With secrets exchanged, the couples went about their lives. In "Master Of The House", Rena and Paulare corporate bog shots. Rena wishes someone else would t...


The Pirate And The Pussycat

Not in a million years would anyone have guessed it was Cecilia Thomas, high school science teacher, beneath the tight-fitting cat woman costume. But when a sexy swashbuckler captures her at the Halloween Ball, Celia soon discovers the trea...

3 Stars

The Flaming Tiger

When the same day as her colleague-lover proposes marriage, the man who left her ten years ago walks in to her office as a newly hired employee. Career journalist Seabring Roberts feels as if a train hit her. She needs time and distance fro...

2 Stars

Last Man Standing

Jaslyn "Jazz" Vanburren has unresolved issues with past high school romances. Recently turning the big three "oh", Jazz realizes it's time to deal with those issues and move on to what she really wants in life. Scott Price was a star athlet...

4 Stars

Sweet Poisoned Wine

If you're looking for a book that has it all, Sweet Poisoned Wine is definitely one to read. Kate grew up in a strict, rich family. Complete with cooks, maids and nannies who did just as they were told. Her father had affairs, which lead to...


I'm No Saint, Valentine

Sindulgence by Rhiannon Neeley - Score: 4 After Clarice's 20-year marriage, her divorce to Wayne had been a relief. Clarice is a work at home website designer, this doesn't allow her much of a social life. Clarice decided to begin taking tr...


Sense Of A Woman

Women tell their hairdressers everything. Valerie is no different. When she received divorce papers from Daniel, her husband and the best know OB/GYN in town, Valerie's best friend Nicole made her go to the Sense Of A Woman salon. Mason, th...

4 Stars

Nuit Aux Trois

Quinn has found a new place to rent. Her roommates are two men, Fletcher and Devlin, lovers. Quinn enjoys spending time with and has fantasies about being with her roommates. Recently she was turned down for an anchor job at a local televis...

3 Stars

The Secret Drawer

Rachel Collins is an author and her career has grown stale. Her agent decides to send her to the location of a recent book she has written. The Riverside Inn has a very special oddity that Rachael finds. While Rachel is working and research...

4 Stars

Little Kunoichi - Short Story

Little Kunoichi is a nickname given to Mika. Her boss and the person who raised her gave the nickname to her, but it's never said what the name means. Mika is said to wonder what the name means, but the topic is dropped and the author never...

2 Stars