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Light Her Fire - Private Pleasures, #2

Light Her Fire is the second book in Beck’s Private Pleasures series. I didn’t think the sequel could top my love for Private Practice, but never have I been so happy to be wrong. Beck brings back the heat hotter than ever, adds in an intri...

5 Stars

Tempting Josie

TEMPTING JOSIE is one of those books I actually expected to love more than I did. Ever since the ninth grade, I've had a thing for international art thieves, so when the topic came up in the synopsis of TEMPTING JOSIE, I had to check it out...

3 Stars

Played by the Billionaire - A Guide to Love Novel, #1

Liam Manning, CEO and Chairman of IWC Security, promised to finish the manuscript his sickly brother was working on before he died by finding a woman to teach him about falling in love and writing about it. So he hands the reins of his bill...

4 Stars