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Virtues of War - The Astral Saga, #1

Virtues of War is a refreshing military science fiction read. It focuses on three key crew members of the Rapier—Lt. Katha Emmes, Sublt. Jack Mallory, and Lt. Commander Thomas Kane. The book transports us into the 26th century where there a...

4 Stars


Spector’s is a unique space opera among a vast number of books of its genre. Like many other space operas, its world and people are immense and beyond anything that most have imagined. But unlike most, the main character Kristy is a witty a...


The Devil's Nebula - Weird Space

The Devil’s Nebula is a fast-paced space opera. From the beginning, I was drawn to its action-packed opening with Ed Carew’s crew trespassing on an alien world being attacked in the wilderness. From there the author does a good job of keepi...


This Dark Earth

This Dark Earth is a unique take on a post-apocalyptic zombie outbreak. The story starts with a viral outbreak that turns most humans into zombies like many books of this genre. But Jacobs goes one step further and incorporates a nuclear ex...


Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels is a cute story about a teenage girl dealing with life in a wheelchair. The book started with Lindy finding out she has a secret admirer. It turned out to be the popular guy in school, Mark. I would have liked to seen more intera...

3 Stars