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A Dead Man's Debt

I honestly have to say that this story surprised me on nearly every turn. Just when I thought I had the storyline predicted that I knew what was going to happen next, Ms. Elliot changed it up on me, and it was wonderful! At first glance, th...

5 Stars

Cassandra's Enchantment

Cassandra had always done what was expected of her. As a young woman, she had married a man she had only known for a day, because the matriarch of her family decreed it. Now, a not-so-lonely widow of a year, she is summoned by the matriarch...


Captain Grey's Lady

Every person out there knows the pain of love lost, and the joy of second chances. This story expresses both those feelings with surprising skill, especially considering the shortness. Lizzie's character was truly a woman ahead of her time,...


Lady Wicked

One of the best things about this job is that occasionally you discover a new author that really makes you sit up and take notice. Ms. Jacobs is that kind of author. She takes characters that on first glance have no redeeming characteristic...


Eyes of the Wolf

What happens when a princess makes the ultimate sacrifice to save her people? As the princess of her kingdom, Kaila would do anything to save her people from the ravages of the barbarian Wolf Clan, even offer herself to the terrifying leade...

5 Stars