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Running Wild - The Real Werewives of Alaska Book 1

Whether it is vampire rock stars or wolfy football players, Kristen Strassel has struck gold. "Running Wild" is a sexy sweet passion driven story of two unlikely characters who end up falling for one another on a reality show called, The Re...


Viktor - Happy Evil After Book 1

Heroes aren't the only ones that need a Happily Ever After; villains do too and Sarah Marsh's "Viktor" from her Happy Evil After Series is a great read. It's sweet, sexy, has a great plot, and even some laughs. This sweet and sexy read has...

4 Stars

The Vixen and the Wolf - The Coldwater Pack Book 1

Tessa hates crowds and is pretty much an introvert until one night a break in happens at her job and her entire life changes. Henri is the Alpha of his pack and when he rescues the sweet little human next door, he doesn't expect it to go an...

4 Stars

Fire Born - The Guardian Series Book 1

"Fire Born" is the first book in the Guardian series. This first book is more than a hot read; it's a white HOT read! This one will have you turning pages. Alex cannot explain the tattoo on her foot nor the fire that comes from her. She onl...


Echoes of Angels - Keepers of Eternity Book 1

"Echoes of Angels" is a very slow burner but once the story really begins to take off, it is explosive, carnally sensual, and has an equal mix of thrills and some chills. Julianne has returned to a family she never got to know after a bad c...

4 Stars

Lover in Darkness - The Darkest Kynd Book 2

Daniela is no stranger to being broken and perhaps that is why she feels so akin to the battered women she helps and volunteers her time with. Romance is not something she ever wishes to get herself involved in until she meets Darkyn who ha...


Fire - Underground Encounters Book 2

Lisa Carlisle has struck gold once again with "Fire" in her Underground Encounters Series. From the first page I couldn't stop reading. Tristan and Maya are both strong main characters that will make the reader laugh, cry, and sit on the ed...


Her Knight in Shining Stone - The Gargoyles of New York Book 1

Every day gargoyles watch over the city from their perches on a library in the busy city of New York. At night, they shift to their human form. Roman has waited or centuries for his mate and when he finds her, he's driven to make her his. C...


Smolder - Underground Encounters Book 1

Lisa Carlisle's "Smolder" from her Underground Encounters Series, was a great kick-off to what is going to be a great series...if all the other ones are as good as "Smolder". Nike is a female firefighter during the day and when she's not at...

4 Stars

Hers, Untamed - A Science Fiction Romance

Alyssa has finally saved up money to purchase a "pet". Jax is a feral animal-alien male who Alyssa jumps at. Jax has no desire to be the sex toy of Alyssa. From the get go he wants nothing more than to be free, but neither can deny there's...

3 Stars