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Twisted Steel and Sex Appeal - Book 4 in the Hot and Henderson series

On the day of her divorce, Professor Shelly Latimer celebrates not just with a glass of wine, but with the beefcake next door. Ten years her junior, Luke Henderson teaches her the lessons of dirty-talk and honest kink. He does thi...

4 Stars

Deep Encounter - Seven Wonders of the World: Book 1

Exo-biologist, Samantha is dragged kicking and screaming to a space-ship like submarine. What frustrates her even more than having no clue what's going on, is that she's reunited with her ex-husband, Mike. Sexual tension abounds in the tigh...

3 Stars

Gunshot Grange

Marci Sky, unemployed history professor, agreed to fill in as a bridesmaid for an estranged friend, but with ulterior motives. Secrets to her late grandmother's past may hide somewhere in her friend's home. Those secrets would add extra oom...

4 Stars