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The Girl Most Likely - Class of 85

I thought The Girl Most Likely was a pretty good book. It has good dialogue and the story progressed nicely. It wasn’t one I could visualize all too easily. The characters matured nicely. Cara just received the announcement for her high sch...


The Billionaire Wins the Game - Billionaire Bachelors, #1

I really liked this book and it is a keeper. It exhibits the dilemma of letting go of what you know and embracing the opportunity for love and happiness. It is very well written and constructed. The characters mature nicely throughout this...


Handcuffs and Haints

I loved this book and it definitely is a book I encourage others to buy. It was very well written. The story takes place mainly at a farmhouse. Zoe goes there to get a break and work in peace and quite. She doesn’t want any attachments; she...


A Wizard for Christmas - The Protectors (Prequel)

A Wizard for Christmas was well written. The book does progress nicely. It was a book with vivid details. It’s the type of book that you can visualize it like it was a movie. The plot was clear. Holly had to learn to trust Hadrian even thou...

3 Stars