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Hunger - Chicken Ranch, #1

Declan Mayo has been kicked out of his home. After struggling for a while on the streets he decides to become a prostitute at a local brothel. There he meets a client named Killian Hamilton who he soon realizes would make a great friend and...


Zayed's Gift - Black Gold Series

Brian Shearer is a former American POW who has returned home anticipating a wonderful reunion with the woman he has loved and believed to be his soulmate for the past ten years. Unfortunately she has moved on and married and had children wi...


Twice to the Stars

Chief Engineer Samantha Hartland is the only woman on board the galactic vessel The Adamant. She has discovered that someone is interested in her and is willing to do anything in order to win her affections. When the ship is sabotaged she t...


The Cain Letters

Alexandra Glade is a vampire hunter. She and her team, the Berith Lochem, are very good at the job. Marcus Brennan is someone that discovered a book but, it's a dangerous book and there are others out there that want it desperately since th...


Claiming Love

Elle is afraid of flying, so afraid of it that she makes two wishes before her latest flight. She had no idea that someone was listening and that they would grant both her wishes. This is a fascinating 'universe'. The chemistry between Elle...

5 Stars


Lady Elani is a woman whose husband died a year ago and she is in many ways still grieving for him. Prince Sadir is a sorcerer who thinks he knows how to help her. Paint is a really good novella that hits all the right points. I love it whe...


Crash Course

Chiliad-Kai Jayrt'ian is a space pirate that crash lands on a strange planet and immediately meets the woman of his dreams. Val has never seen a real man. She's only seen those in 3-D displays. Sci-Fi is my first love and I love it when I c...



Cam Monroe has returned to England after amassing a fortune in the United States and is seeking revenge after being hurt by someone that he loved and her family. All he wants is for Angela Stanhope to be his wife. Things are not so simple t...

5 Stars