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Water Dancer

Water Dancer follows the interconnected lives of several individuals involved in the world of competitive swimming. After losing their son to the icy waters, Sarge and Illana have ceased coaching swimmers and live in desolation and grief. W...


Beauty and the Butch

Lindsey Mitchell, a reality TV producer, rolls her eyes at searching for a topic of substance at the elite Miss Georgia National Beauty Pageant. She’s been seeking her big break to start producing documentaries and exciting news stories and...

4 Stars

The Erotic Dark

A woman only known as “Lydia” arrives at a large, regal plantation home of three men. Her arrival at La Nouvelle Vie signifies the end of her life as she once knew it. Previously an independent and successful businesswoman, Lydia nearly get...



Arabella Lehmann is caught kissing a dairy maid by her aunt and uncle and sent off to Katzenhalle Villa because of her deplorable behavior. Arabella suspects she will be forced into servitude but receives quite a surprise when the servitude...


Underwater - The Mer of Pend Oreille

Confined to a wheelchair, Luna Prosser doesn’t always look on the bright side of life; it’s hard to when your football star boyfriend dumps you and everyone starts to treat you as an invalid. Despite the injury Luna is a spunky and outspoke...

4 Stars

Switching Sides

Elizabeth, a no-holds barred type of girl, has been around the block a few times with various men. Luck hasn’t been on her side on finding a suitable, long-term boyfriend. However, she thinks she’s finally found the perfect gentleman and is...