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A Merciful Fate - Mercy Kilpatrick Book 5

"A Merciful Fate" is a brilliant book would and continues a series. I highly recommend it and encourage readers to read the series in order to get more of an understanding. The writing is lovely and the characters as well. This is a good fa...


My Christmas Dream

"My Christmas Dream" is set in a beautiful back drop in a place called Tuke Valley. It's in Washington state. Marilyn Miles writing style has you feeling as if you're there. With every vivid description you can picture the small farming tow...


The Ones Who Got Away - The Ones Who Got Away, #1

I really enjoyed "The Ones Who Got Away". This is such a perfect book and it's about finding love after a tragic past. I really enjoyed the characters and I would like to see more about them in future books. I can't wait to see more from th...