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Gift of Love

Upon starting this story, I was not sure what to expect. I love Historical Romances, but this story had a bit of "supernatural" in the beginning that I was unsure of how to take. Was it really a ghost/spirit or was it just a metap...


Silver Cuffs

Upon starting this story, I was feeling a bit confused as to where the "dream like" portion of the story was going to end up. A wealthy, greedy, man named Pierce has purchased a home and property that he wants to instantly demolis...

4 Stars

Southern Comfort

Scarlett has had her eyes on Michael for a while, pretty much since they went back to South Carolina with the Marines. Although she comes across as an uptight Marine, there is definitely a hunger that is held within her. Finally tonight, Tu...

4 Stars

A Reliable Wife

I chose this book because I had heard a lot of mixed reviews on it, and while most of them were telling me "this book is amazing", I had also heard it was a bit odd. I of course had to find out for myself! After the first few chap...