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Kitty Steals the Show

The book opens with a play list to the book; the reader will likely enjoy the suggestions! Kitty, the main character, will be introduced to the reader right away. Her humorous, intense ways may take some adjustment, but she is easy to like....

4 Stars

Dark Light of Day - A Noon Onyx Novel, #1

Looking for a great, fast-paced novel? What happens when the "bad" side wins the apocalypse? Does the world continue? In this new series, the world continues for many millennia. The author spends time building up the history behind the apoc...

3 Stars

A Taste of Humanity - 1 Night Stand Series

This was more of a novella than a book. The reader will finish in about 20 minutes to half an hour. It's perfect for those who don't like to sit for long periods of time to uncover the plot and characteristics of the main characters. Penny...


Forever with Benefits

Haylie is a different type of character from the norm. She is brash, slightly impulsive, and fun-loving. She meets one of her longtime friends one day, randomly, and pops the question "do you want to be friends with benefits?" Will immediat...


Until Twilight - Book 3 in the Nemesis series.

Until Twilight starts out with an immediate, steamy connection between the main characters and it doesn't take long before the "job interview" morphs into a full-blown romance. This novel is for the 18+ reader, there are many hot, graphic s...



Though this is a quick read, only 94 pages, this is an entertaining read. The main character, Lucia, is portrayed as an obedient, slightly cowed daughter who is ordered by her father to teach a slave of their legends so as to make him a bet...


Walking Sin

Kelcey is a woman who is wary of physical contact due to sexual abuse she suffered as a child. Dax is the love interest in the novel and the one who can potentially heal her. The novel starts out on a light note, discussions of upcoming fri...


The Eye of the Crystal Ball

Want to pick up a book and know that you will enjoy your read? This novel is for you! The plot of the novel is very intricate and the reader will probably not find one like it in any other novel. The characters are all worth reading about,...

5 Stars