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Relative Danger

Family secrets are revealed, murder happens, sparks and jealousy fly and all around craziness ensues. McKenna Sutherland and her quirky cousins are the beneficiaries of her (supposed) deceased Uncle Sheldon’s will along with Thom...

4 Stars

Dark Harmony

Helena Townsend is an obsession for Darien, a Master vampire. He turned her and made her the alpha female of his pack where she constantly had to fight to defend her position as the lead female. Darien however took great joys to h...


Capturing Karma - The Sullivan Boys, Book Three

Capturing Karma is the third book in the series and I was pleased that this book can be read as a stand alone (however I will be going back to read the first two). Brian Sullivan is a police detective who is renowned as the good lookin...


Storms in a Shot Glass

Jane Smithers is a single normal looking gal in her late twenty’s who is a successful Personal Assistant who unexpectedly finds herself pregnant. In her life she has a crazy self absorbed, wealthy mother, known as the Serial Brid...


Deja Vu

DejaVu is a story that revolves around Alexandra “Lexi” Caldwell who is smart, sexy and psychic. Lexi only recently embraced her psychic abilities but has yet to learned to control or understand the images she receives.&nbs...


Broken Angel - House Phoenix: Book One

Broken Angel is the first book of a series. It is the story of Gabriel Morgan , a young man who searches for his sister who had disappeared in New York. In finding her, Gabriel gets sucked into New York’s underground where h...