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Cursed Ever After - Four Erotic Paranormal Short Stories

Cursed Ever After, by A. C. James is a short novel that drew me in with a fascinating cover. Once I began reading it seemed that this was a look into a much larger novel. The characters had neat little tidbits about them that intrigued me,...

3 Stars

The List - An Irresistible Novel, #3

"The List", by Anne Calhoun, is definitely character driven. I love complex book characters and Matilda is that and then some. She seems so cool and composed in every aspect of her life. The beginning drew me in, along with the title, becau...

4 Stars

Beauty's Kingdom - Sleeping Beauty, #4

I have the original Sleeping Beauty series by Ann Rice and love every one of them. I was so excited to find an extension of the original story with my favorite characters included. While the sexual submission is steaming hot, this story is...