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Soul Keeper

Carrie and Rob have had an Internet relationship for two years and they have finally decided to meet.  Carrie waits for Rob at a train station wearing only her underwear and a red coat.  She nervously waits pacing the train platfo...


Winning Violetta

Princess Violetta’s father, the King of Northland, has decided she is of age to marry. To find her a husband, the King invites all of the knights in the kingdom to compete and the winner will marry his only daughter. Feeling betrayed...


Painted Promise

Having retained the genetic memory of her ancestor for which she was named, Thirza Girard has a huge task ahead of her: solidify her family’s wealthy dynasty. The original Thirza made a deal with and captured Zaid, an alien Tashen-Dar...

4 Stars

The Darkest Pleasure

Ashliyn Michaels just graduated college and moved to a small town in Colorado to begin her first real job. She is somewhat socially awkward and unsure of how to meet new people in town. Even more awkward, the man she has dreamt about for ye...


Lord Stanhope's Improper Proposal

A widower with eyes for political office, Adam Stanhope needed a wife. He proposed to an old childhood friend and widow Felice. They wed in spite of a family “curse”. But, Adam didn’t realize that his new wife would requir...


Beauty And The Bastard

Rebecca is a demon with family connections. She ran from Las Vegas to New York to escape a bad situation and her family hired Saul, a fallen angel and bounty hunter, to protect her. Living up to his nickname of the Bastard, Rebecca finds Sa...

4 Stars

Magenta Starling

After being in a bad relationship and also loosing her parents, Morgan decides to make a living running a spanking business off of a yacht, the Magenta Starling, she bought with her inheritance. But, her wish for reclusive living ends when...

3 Stars


Megan and her ex-partner, an Essenger named Einar, have a past. Five years previous, they had a single night of passion before Megan left. Their one night together produced a pregnancy, but Megan had placed the embryo into stasis. Einar mar...


After Glow

Lola is approaching two hundred years old. To survive and maintain the survival of her species, she must seduce a human male and steal his soul. She finds Stephan, seduces him, but is unable to finish the deed. Unable to complete her missio...

3 Stars

The Garnetsword - The Two Kingdoms, Book I

This is the first book in the Two Kingdoms Series and a war between Gaunt and Joquil has been raging for years. Aurora lost her husband Nicholas, the heir to Gaunt, in the battles with the insane king of Joquil, Aurora’s brother....


Edenvale's Secret

The farming planet of Edenvale is experiencing a plight.  Crops are randomly dying as well as some animals.  Since there is no evidence for disease or lack of care, Fern believes foul play is involved and hires a bounty hunter to...


Marvin and the Three Bears

Marvin has had a stressful time at work in Fairy Tale Land.  One of his Fairy Godmothers had accidentally used the sexed-up version of the Happily Ever After dust and now she was having some intense relations with the Big Bad Wolf and...