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Mrs. Mommy - Tales from the Brazos

I LOVED how “Mrs. Mommy” is told. It has its sad moments, but overall it’s an uplifting romance. The characters are all wonderful and I loved the attraction between Grainger and Grace. I also enjoyed how Grace was trying not to confuse her...


The Beach Affair

"The Beach Affair" is a very hot romance and I loved that the author chose to do older man in love with younger man. The dialog was very well done. I love that Cal is a writer and that his friend forced him to go out and relax and have fun....


Hawaiian Ginger - The Hawaiians Book 4

First off I have to say, WOW! "Hawaiian Ginger" is Hot Hot Hot! I loved how the story was written with such strong characters throughout the story. The dialog was amazing from beginning to end. Author Meg Amor brought the scenery to life, i...


Doc Cedarwood - Single Father Society Book 5

"Doc Cedarwood" is a very heartwarming tale of two men. Megan Slayer really draws the reader in as the sparks fly thought the story. Both men are strong characters that experience some hiccups along the way to true love. That is what made t...


Smitty's Sheriff

It was great how the author chose to write this story! It was both sad and thoughtful. To me age should not matter when it comes a relationship. What everyone else thinks doesn't matter. It's what the couple wants. In "Smitty's Sheriff" Ric...


Canine Cupids

"Canine Cupids" is a multiple story book. Readers should expect fun and hot romances. I loved that the dogs were the cupids and how the author chose to write these as a novellas. The stories are touching and heartwarming. In the first story...


Love and Other Hot Beverages

"Hot Beverages and Other Beverages" is a great love story! It touched me so much. I could not put down the book, it was so good. The characters are fantastic and I loved how they worked so well together. This is a hot romance and I liked ho...