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The Ideal Wife

Miles Ripley, Earl of Severn has a problem...or three, in fact--his mother and two sisters. He loves them dearly, but they are about to visit a fourth problem upon him, if he doesn't take action quickly. Namely, they are determined to marry...

3 Stars

Lion Tamers - Traveling Circus, Book 2

Morgan Blade lives for racing—and for her family. With her dad battling cancer and hospital bills piling up, her driving ability has never been more crucial, and the chance to be on a racing reality show seems like it could be just th...


Love in the Time of Fridges

New Seattle Welcomes Visitors* *See exclusions That sign should have been enough to clue in former cop Huckleberry Lindbergh that going home (or at least, to the last place resembling home) is often difficult, sometimes dangerous. And in th...


Believe - Book 2

Mikhail Romanasky sees things-it's a gift that's more like a curse, one that's been in her family for generations. Now, she's seeing the kidnapping of innocent, young children. But with what she's been through at the hands of Chicago's fine...


Melody's Song - Book 3

Melody Haney's beautiful voice fell silent after her son died. Only emotional blackmail from her boss's daughter made her agree to sing for the children in the hospital where her son spent his last days battling cancer. Dr. Devon Siegal, pe...

3 Stars

Pet Peeve

Renaud Brunet was a gorgeous, sexy beast who was used to women falling all over him. Too bad for them he was less than interested! The only female who'd ever caught his attention had seen him at his worst; now, she was hurt and in danger, a...

4 Stars

Simply Magic

23-year-old Susanna Osbourne was a charity pupil at Miss Martin's School for Girls, before becoming one of the teachers there. Claudia Martin and the other inhabitants of the school are the only family Susanna has had since the untimely dea...



Miss Caroline Fortune has the perfect right to question the aptness of her surname. Her mother, born into landed gentry, started the downward trend when she married a charming wastrel of a soldier, being disowned by her family as a result....

3 Stars

Enticing the Earl - Applegate Sisters/Sinclair Saga, final book

After the tragic death of her young husband, Lauren Applegate had remained with her father-in law, the good Squire Harris, who was inconsolable after his only son's death. But now the squire has landed himself in a world of ruin, by losing...

4 Stars

Simply Perfect

Miss Claudia Martin has a top-notch school for girls, and it keeps her life full and busy. Even if she weren't firmly on the shelf at age 35, she wouldn't have the time or the inclination for any foolish entanglements. So when Joseph, Marqu...

5 Stars

Where the Heart Leads: From the Casebook of Barnaby Adair - (Cynster Novels) - hardcover and e-book - February 2008

Penelope Ashford, younger sister to Luc Ashford and Portia Cynster, helps run the Foundling Hospital, a worthy institution that takes orphaned youngsters from impoverished circumstances and gives them a chance to train as servants and appre...


Shaking Off the Dust - Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language and violence.

Dr. Tom Mercurio was a brilliant neurosurgeon who saved countless lives with his skill. Too bad he was such an arrogant blowhard. When he died at terrorists' hands in a fiery airliner explosion, the list of people who cared to participate i...