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Duchess by Design - The Gilded Age Girls Club

Miss Adeline Black has a big dream of owning a dress shop one day and no man will stop her. Not even the newest duke in New York City looking for an heiress to save his estate, Brandon Fiennes. Part of me wondered if the first chapter showi...


The Lady Is Daring - The Duke's Daughters, #3

Lady Ida Howlett decides to take fate into her own hands and steals a carriage, not realizing that Bennett, Lord Carson, is inside. He refuses to allow Ida to continue on her journey alone to find her sister. On the way, they begin to fall...

5 Stars

A Notorious Vow - The Four Hundred Series

Lady Christina Barclay is nothing more to her parents than a pawn to gain a fortune. When they attempt to force her engagement to an odious man, she turns to Oliver Hawkes, her reclusive neighbor. Oliver has no time for love or marriage but...

5 Stars

Summer of Scandal - Runaway Heiress, #2

Between the pages of "Summer of Scandal" Madeleine Atherton and Charles Grayson, Earl of Saunders, are thrown together as she contemplates marriage to another man and he contemplates a proposal to his cousin. Each must decide if love is wor...

4 Stars

An Earl Like You - The Wagers of Sin, #2

Heiress Eliza Cross is a plain spinster who has accepted her fate to never be married. Hugh Devereaux, Earl of Hastings, has inherited a large amount of debt. Eliza’s father offers Hugh help to pay off the debt...if Hugh married his daughte...


The Governess Game - Girl Meets Duke, #2

Alexandra Mountbatten finds herself suddenly without a way to support herself just as Chase Reynaud, a ne’er-do-well unwillingly in charge of two young girls, offers her the position of governess. As Alex tries to reform him, he seeks to te...


When a Duke Loves a Woman - A Sins for All Seasons Novel, #2

Gillie Trewlove is a tavern owner with an attitude who has no time for love. The Duke of Thornley is a jilted man searching for his bride when he’s attacked. After Gillie nurses him back to health, the pair sets off to find his would-be bri...

3 Stars

Wedding at Rocking S Ranch - Oak Grove

Cassandra Stewart visits her husband’s beloved ranch as a promise she made him on his deathbed. There, she meets his best friend, Raymond Wolf. Together, they begin to get past their shared grief and discover their mutual love for Cassandra...

4 Stars

To Love a Duchess - An All for Love Novel

Adam Drummond is posing as the majordomo for Suzanne, the Duchess of Marsley, in order to prove her late husband was a traitor. Along the way, he and the duchess begin to discover their feelings for each other. So, this one is a tough one....

3 Stars

The Duke Buys a Bride - The Rogue Files, #3

Alyse Bell and Marcus, the Duke of Autenberry, are thrust together after Marcus purchases Alyse at a wife auction. On the journey to his estate, they learn what started as a mistake might just lead them to happiness. I was hooked on this st...

5 Stars