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The Warlord Wants Forever - Immortals After Dark, #1

The Immortals After Dark Series is introduced in this anthology. Wroth is a vampire, Myst a Valkyrie, and they are fated mates. But like any relationship it's not easy, starting with the five year hard on Myst leaves Wroth with. As fated ma...


Love Partner

It's romance with some meat on its bones. Judan is a man, er alien, who was raised to respect family, home, and responsibility. Myrina is a gifted scientist, who struggles with family, career and a phobia, and the only scientist who may be...

4 Stars

A Lover's Call - Ellora's Cave Quickies

A "Quickie" title this book is a short foray into BDSM. On the light side it still manages to touch on the relationship between a consenting submissive and master. In the beginning of the book I had a hard time with the "repressed librarian...

3 Stars

Passion's Four Towers

As Dee's first published novel this is a good start, and one which I genuinely enjoyed. A little lost in the beginning with three sisters, five men and various other characters involved in the same storyline; I was worried that I wouldn't b...


Femme Metal - Femme Metal, Book 1

Right from the start I was hooked. Action, adventure, love, loss it had everything. This is the story of the vessel (read spaceship) Femme Metal captained by Alexandra Novona. Her all female crew are characters with depth and fill out the s...



I was hooked right off. Aerin is a character everyone can relate to; she is not the typical svelte youth so often portrayed in books, but a true to life character. Her visit to Fetish is her last chance at adventure. When she gets there it'...


Timely Defense

Nathalie Grey is a gifted storyteller and time travel is another genre she has conquered. The hero, A.J., is a lawyer, and although gifted with the body of a warrior he is a lover not a fighter. The heroine, Lady Marion, is a widow stuck de...

4 Stars

Polly's Perilous Pleasures

Polly is a charming character with an insatiable imagination, but after walking in on her boyfriend with a thinner woman she decides to trim down and make him see what he is missing. Her trainer happens to be a Greek hottie, and Polly's ima...


Hot Target - Femme Metal, Book 2

The second in the Femme Metal series this book does not disappoint. This is the story of Kimberly Holmes, who was introduced as a member of the crew in Femme Metal. Nicknamed Ballistics Kim because of her penchant for weapons; she is now ca...


Beyond the Highland Mist

Hawk is known throughout the kingdom as the man no woman can refuse. Beautiful beyond belief and skilled on the battlefield he has caught the eye of the Queen of the Fae. She provokes her king and the court fool, by pretending to have had H...



Anna, survivor of a mysterious plague that turns people into zombies, is determined to survive. Enigma is a Fae sent to protect the world, but can't do that without Anna's help. For Anna zombies are easier to believe in than a Fae warrior,...

4 Stars

No Rest for the Wicked - Immortals After Dark, #3

A fantastic read. The third in the series this book can be read out of order and still wow you. Cole's characters jump off the page, and grab you. The action doesn't stop until the book does, and the sex is sizzling hot. I can't say enough...