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Things Half in Shadow

This historical novel certainly captured my attention. The novel's setting in1869 Philadelphia with the Civil War fresh in everyone's minds, makes a perfect backdrop for a supernatural mystery. The protagonist, Edward Clark, is a wealthy ye...


All the Bright Places

What a beautifully disturbing, haunting, heart wrenching, heartwarming, young adult novel. Finch and Violet are an unlikely pair. Finch, a misunderstood misfit, and Violet, more popular and accepted by their high school peers, meet in an un...

4 Stars

One of Us

Dr. Sheridan Doyle, Danny to his friends and family, is a successful forensic psychologist in Philadelphia. A once nerdy, bookish child, Doyle returns to his home town, the mining town of Lost Creek, to care for his ailing grandfather. But...

3 Stars

You Cannoli Die Once - #1

Former dancer Eve Angelotta is now head chef at her family's Northern Italian restaurant, Miracolo. Although the menu touts mouthwatering risotto alla milanese and veal saltimbocca, Maria Pia, who just so happens to be Eve's grandmother, st...

5 Stars

Bad Girls - Sirens, Jezebels, Murderesses, Thieves & Other Female Villains

Cleopatra, Jezebel, and Bloody Mary...were they really bad queens? And what about Elizabeth Bathory, Mata Hari, and Virginia Hill? Were these women really bad girls or misunderstood, misinterpreted, and sometimes even heroines? For example,...

5 Stars

Stargazer - (Evernight Series #2)

Bianca, whose parents are both vampires, goes to Evernight Academy - a school for vampires and a carefully selected handful of humans. This is Bianca's second year at the school. The year previous she fell in love with a boy named Lucas. Co...



Quinn is the perfect teenager that any parent would die to have. She gets good grades, never gets in trouble, and does everything her mother asks her to do. That is, until Quinn finds out that her mom did something very bad that got her fir...

4 Stars

The Vinyl Princess

Allie is a vinyl junkie. She has almost every LP imaginable! She works at a record store called Bob & Bob's, where a lot of people come to sell their old LP's since almost everyone has turned to downloading all of their music. Allie doe...

4 Stars

Never Bite a Boy on the First Date

Kira is a dead. She is also a vampire. She now lives with a "family" of vampires who created her when they found her dying. When Kira and her family move to Massachusetts, Kira finds herself in a predicament. One day when they pul...

  • Author: Tamara Summers
  • Review by: Jessica
  • Genre: YA
  • Tags: * Young Adult
  • Publisher: HarperTeen

Half Blood

Daniel Otovic was not a normal high student. He moved to England from Boravina after a bizarre incident. Croatian soldiers told the boys from the village to line up. Daniel and his cousin Niko defeated all of the soldiers by themselves. Aft...

4 Stars

Swing For The Fences

Gilli Braunstein was living a normal life. He had a girlfriend, lots of friends and was athletic. His life became a bit more exciting when his friend asked him to play basketball for team Winnipeg in the Maccabi Games. He automatically said...

4 Stars