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Things Half in Shadow

This historical novel certainly captured my attention. The novel's setting in1869 Philadelphia with the Civil War fresh in everyone's minds, makes a perfect backdrop for a supernatural mystery. The protagonist, Edward Clark, is a wealthy ye...


All the Bright Places

What a beautifully disturbing, haunting, heart wrenching, heartwarming, young adult novel. Finch and Violet are an unlikely pair. Finch, a misunderstood misfit, and Violet, more popular and accepted by their high school peers, meet in an un...

4 Stars

One of Us

Dr. Sheridan Doyle, Danny to his friends and family, is a successful forensic psychologist in Philadelphia. A once nerdy, bookish child, Doyle returns to his home town, the mining town of Lost Creek, to care for his ailing grandfather. But...

3 Stars

You Cannoli Die Once - #1

Former dancer Eve Angelotta is now head chef at her family's Northern Italian restaurant, Miracolo. Although the menu touts mouthwatering risotto alla milanese and veal saltimbocca, Maria Pia, who just so happens to be Eve's grandmother, st...

5 Stars

Bad Girls - Sirens, Jezebels, Murderesses, Thieves & Other Female Villains

Cleopatra, Jezebel, and Bloody Mary...were they really bad queens? And what about Elizabeth Bathory, Mata Hari, and Virginia Hill? Were these women really bad girls or misunderstood, misinterpreted, and sometimes even heroines? For example,...

5 Stars