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About to Blow - Valkyrie's Vow, Book One

Hot! This short story was so hot I had to read it again, immediately. The character development was outstanding. I did not expect to get so involved so quickly, it usually takes longer for that to happen, but Mari Freeman really painted a s...


Damian and Demetrios - Slaves to Love, #2

This is a hot read, pun intended. The story of these lovers takes place during The Great Fire of Rome, during which Nero reigned. However, Damian and Demetrios take hold of the story so fast that one of the biggest tragedies in history is a...



Wow, this was a great read and there are two more in the series that I cannot wait to get now. This is a great book for young readers, both male and female or anyone who loves a good book with believable characters. Ash is the main characte...