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Eternal Soulmate

For Olivia Sheppard, starting over wasn't always hard nor was it easy. But with luck, she has landed a job as head of security at an up-scale club called Flirt. However, what Olivia was oblivious to is the secret behind the mysterious club...

4 Stars

Burning Sage - Love Among the Ruins, #1

Prince Charming doesn’t come by that often, and they certainly don’t come in full-packaged like Emmanouel. Atlantis’s Prince and sole survivor of a race known to be extinct, Emmanouel has been trapped on a Greek’s island for what seems like...

4 Stars

Berets and Bras - Coming Together: Tabooty, #8

Berets and Bras was a fun read. I wish it could have been a little longer, enough time to develop the relationship between Carl and Tom. I like how the author gave the illusion of Carl as the big, bad, I-don’t-care attitude of a mercenary a...

3 Stars

Night Thief - A Night Series Novella

An immortal, a man with an animal spirit, Kane Bordeaux is definitely not a man to be reckoned with. Tall with broad shoulders, he would stand out in any crowds, and his dashing good looks, sure charm the ladies of the ton. But to Kane, the...

5 Stars

Golden Christmas

Golden Christmas is an enticing story that encompassed the lives of Nikolas Jaconsen and Joy Heatherfield. As an artist and owner of an art gallery, Nikolas is a man onto himself. He is a quiet man, a man with deep thoughts and a lot of pas...


Dakota Dreams

Nathan Elk is a Lakota descendant who was wrongly accused of a crime he didn't commit. With a stroke of luck, he was able to escape the depravity of prison and the abuse from the guards, which landed him at Catharine Lyon's front door. She...


Wicked Lord - Book Three in the Wicked Affairs series.

The haughty miss is more determine now than ever to annoy the living daylight out of her new husband. Helene Cosgrove is now the new wife of London's famous rake Earl of Redding, Edward Chase. Having fallen in love with Edward's rival Baron...


Whiskey Girl - Book two in the To Serve and Protect series.

Whiskey Girl, the title says it all. It's dramatic, enticing, and will have you drunk on your back wishing you were with stud muffin, Detective Doug Pennington. However, there is only one woman Doug would have, her name is Ausha Malone. Sha...


A Muse Gone Rogue - Dark Muse, #1

They say don't judge a book by its cover and I wasn't, considering this is the first Kacey Mark novel I've read. The book started out very smooth and humorous, I especially liked the spat between Quenton and his outrageous friends while the...


A Thief Too Many

Normally, one would say a way to win a man's heart is through his stomach, but for Sasha DeCourcey, it's a pearl necklace instead. Stumbling upon the beautiful Sasha was the most delightful luck Philip Hampshire has ever encountered. He adm...


Asking For Andre - The Mirage Agency, #2

When Casey Michaels first laid eyes on tall, dark, and handsome Italian business man Andre Lavin, she didn't expect to helplessly melt at his feet. One look at Casey and you would think she's the girl next door, an efficient receptionist wi...

4 Stars

Late Harvest

At 15, Glenna knew that was she's in love with Kurt and wanted his acceptance and love. She knew his love was all she's ever wanted. Deceived by family secrets, Glenna fled the holding she once called home and away from Kurt, the only pleas...