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Savage Winter - Seasons of Paleo Book 1

I've read and enjoyed a lot of Rachel Van Dyken's books. The cover for Savage Winter is truly breath-taking and is what drew me to this book. Though it is the well-developed writing used to create memorable characters what kept me reading....


Nefertiti's Heart

I was insatiable in reading Nefertiti's Heart! This was only my second steampunk book and this book is downright amazing. The descriptions in the story make you feel like you are Cara and that your life is literally turned upside down. Whil...

5 Stars

By God's Grace - The Renaissance Heart Series

By God's Grace is truly a well written romance. It has all the excitement, twists and turns I love. And at the end of the day, she is graceful and relatable and he is the man who loves her!

4 Stars

A Stone's Throw Away - A Stone's Throw Away #1

This is the first book I have read by Carl Lee. It was exciting and full of unexpected twists. This extra-long novel kept me turning pages to the very end. You think that you know how every apocalyptic novel is going to end, but this one re...


The Call of Agon - The Children of Telm, #1

If you love Role Playing Games (RPG’s), this novel is for you. The demigod hero encounters fantastic companions on his quest to save his world. His last promise to his dying father was to insure that evil not be released. This book was awes...

4 Stars

Treasure Dogs

I liked the pace of the book. It was a fun read. I will be checking out more of Heather Dunboine's work! -- The heroine, Aurelia Day has been dreading the day when she will reach adulthood in her world. Meridia. The psychics of Meridia are...


The Girl and the Dragon

I loved this book! Alice M. Roelke really brought my heart into this beautiful story. Hasn't every young girl dreamed of "shape shifting," and either being able to have as a companion, or shift into a giant winged draconic beauty? This stor...