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Happy Valentine's Day, Mouse! - Ages: 1 - 4 / Illustrated by Felicia Bond

This is a great holiday book that reminds readers of all the past characters from the "If You Give..." series.  The illustrations are bright and bold and sure to grab the attention of all readers.  The book shows each fr...

5 Stars

Fancy Nancy: Heart to Heart - Ages: 4 - 8 / With Fancy Stickers! / Illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser

What little girl can resist reading about dressing up and solving a mystery?  Nancy has to track down the clues and solve the mystery of the secret Valentine. I have never read any of the Fancy Nancy series, my daughters alwa...

5 Stars


Matt and Lisa Hamiliton were about to become unwed.  They hardly saw each other and Lisa's work seemed to take her farther and farther away.  Matt finally became fed up and saw divorce as a way out of he unhappiness and let L...

5 Stars

Enslaving Sylvia

Sylvia didn't know what she wanted, but she knew her everyday 9-5 job wasn't the answer to her heart's desire.  Her new master not only saw what she needed, but was determined to give into her wants, needs and desire in all things and...


Going Down at the Dock

They say that going to the docks can be dangerous, but that doesn't stop Jasmine Kendall from following her master's wild scheme.  She has no clue if her master Darren Finnegan is really around when she starts her walk down the boardwa...


Love's Sweet Attack

Paige Anderson has plans of her own when she learns that star football player; Dean Porter has plans for her.  He starts with an interest in protecting his employees by hiring Paige to teach them how to protect themselves, but soon fin...

4 Stars

Bondage Ranch: Roped In

The unexpected love story of Laera and Bruce led me to wonder if you really can find a chance at true happiness in the middle of the woods. Laera takes off on a hike to get away from her loud camping neighbors and not only becomes lost but...

4 Stars

Sexpresso Night - Series: Wet

Danya has the perfect man for her, yet she feels unfulfilled.  Why does she feel the need to flirt with the local barista at Karma Coffee?  So when her perfect relationship falls apart she finds solace in Carter and Carter's bedro...


Desire and Depravity

Build it and they will come takes on a whole new meaning to the residents of the newly-built Pierpont town homes when they discover a night life that doesn't agree with their rigid rules of religion and morality.  Little do each of the...

4 Stars

Surprise Party

Jocelyn was a shell of her former party girl self and Beth was going to change that. Jocelyn's old boyfriend had changed her into a more serious person and she longed for the days where things were more foot loose.  Beth's invite to a...


Desert Surrender

Maddox Perry is the owner of Moonglow Casino and is no stranger to gambling, or at least no stranger in gambling for a chance at becoming the Dom of a party girl that has no desire of being tied down. A man that can handle anything that com...

4 Stars