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A Gypsy's Kiss - The Sectorium Series, #4

Breena has a "gift" that keeps her isolated from everyone around her until she meets the handsome, popular, hockey player, Hawk. For some reason, her powers just don't work with him and that draws her ever closer to him as he juggles school...

4 Stars

The Alpha's Justice - Huntsville Pack, #2

Gretchen's a werewolf shifter who doesn't believe in love, and Talon is the sheriff determined to prove her wrong. The pair come together for an adventure that is hot, sexy and loads of fun to read. The plot, while just a tad cliché, is ful...

4 Stars

Amanda Running Scared

Amanda Running Scared is a sweet, Christian based romance novel, with a strong Christian hero in Bruce Palmer. Amanda Vanderbilt, the heroine is a widowed mother of a small child on the run from an unknown stalker. This book was an okay rea...

3 Stars