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League of Strays

League of Strays isn’t one of those really memorable book, but I did enjoy it enough to finish. The characters were okay, but there were too many flaws. One of those flaws was the romance, I just wasn't feeling it. League of Strays takes pl...

3 Stars

Hate List

Hate List’s description had me reeling and hoping that the girl was dreaming or something. But, of course, she wasn't. The book shows how something so meaningless to someone can be something so big to someone else. It shows that bad things...

4 Stars

How to Forget Your Boyfriend - Ivy Stratton & The Time Machine Book 1

How to Forget Your Boyfriend was entertaining, but I don't think the author really knew how to mix in the time-travel. I read the prequel to this, How to Host a Holiday, and there was no time-travel to be seen. And I loved it. Then I read t...


a Lamp at Midday

This was a really sad collection of poetry. To me poetry is about finding strength in weakness and weakness in strength. This book was all about her father dying. Needless to say, it was quite depressing. At one point I remember her saying...



This collection of poetry was very enlightening. There were just so many "Oh, I've never thought of it before like that" moments. The writing was great and understandable. Many different emotions are fitted within the pages, but it's not ov...

4 Stars

Thirteen Reasons Why

For starters, I was glad this book took place AFTER Hannah died, because it would have been so much more depressing had we have gotten to know her before. I felt the writing was okay, but the book was really slow for me. The characters felt...

4 Stars

I Wrote This For You

I Wrote This For You is a beautiful collection of poems. Really, I wouldn't call them poems. I'd call them one to three sentence eye-openers. The pictures made you think, the words were perfectly woven together. There's absolutely nothing I...

5 Stars


I really liked this novella at first, but it turned a little sour for me. The ending felt rushed and the characters felt like ghosts. I mean, some of the dialogue was reasonable, but the characters? Pathetic, in my opinion. If you like what...

3 Stars