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The Serious Moonlight - [The Class of '85]

One appealing aspect of The Serious Moonlight, by Janet Halpin, is the way it leads off by exploring the question of what might have been. Actually, it’s a related question that gives the first chapter its special poignance. If your l...


Prey on Patmos

Prey on Patmos by Jeffrey Siger gets off to a terrific start. And it gives us a story of terrific quality—nearly peerless—for more than half its length. Inspector Andreas Kaldis is a kind of special assignment detective who oper...

3 Stars

Margarita Nights - A Sherri Travis Mystery

As a reader, your satisfaction with Margarita Nights, by Phyllis Smallman, is likely to hinge on how you take to the main character, Sherri Travis. Sherri starts with credentials for a murder mystery well within normal bounds. She’s a...


Think of a Number

Think of a Number is a contemporary crime mystery/thriller of exceptional, no, singular power. This is partly because the framework of suspense is assembled with exquisite skill, and also because not just one but three separate elements of...


If You Dare

Lucy and Steve are lovers celebrating their six month anniversary in the beach front cottage they sank everything they had just for the down payment. Despite the staggering mortgage, life is sweet (if tight), and the lovemaking fresh. When...