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Ice Cold Lover - Winged & Dangerous Book 2

Ice Cold Lover is a wonderfully woven tale of Pascal and Celeste by Mel Tescho. As a reader, right away, you feel the intense emotional cravings of the characters. It's fast paced read. You get a lot of heat in this fast paced book. You won...

  • Author: Mel Teshco
  • Review by: Eaim
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Speculative / PNR
  • Publisher: Mel Teshco

Kiss Of The Silver Wolf - Kiss of the Jinni Hunter, #1

Kiss of the silver wolf by Sharon Buckbinder is a really interesting read with a bit of a slow start but then really gets going. This is another good werewolf tale. Zack meets Charlene and knows she is the one. He wants to get started on th...



Cria is an enjoyable read but much too short. My only disappointment is it ended too quickly. The writing was so vivid that I felt that I was right there with Aleta and Luiz in both their feelings of betrayal and misunderstandings. The chem...

4 Stars

The Marriage Solution - Harlequin American Romance #1356

This is a wonderful story about love and parenting. The first sentence, in THE MARRIAGE SOLUTION by Megan Kelly, was definitely an attention grabber. I think it was a fantastic way to start. It is quite different, the way that Dylan found o...


The Cowboy's Triplets - Harlequin American Romance #1354

I think Tina Leonard attempted to write a light hearted romance but this book falls short on the delivery. It is a bit messy and there was just too much going on all at once. I loved Jackie and Pete but I think they needed a better plot and...


Bachelor Dad - Fatherhood, American #1372

Roxann Delaney's Bachelor Dad is a wonderful story of survival, domestic violence, starting over and more. The story of Libby and Garrett is gripping from beginning to end. They seemed to have nothing in common until Garret discovers he is...


Cindy's Prince

Cindy's Prince is a wonderfully sweet and decadent read by Christine Bush. It reads like a fairy tale with a modern day twist. Cindy and Prince, even though they were not looking for it and are from two very different backgrounds, find true...

4 Stars

Kensington's Soul - Bound by Blood, The Legends Book I

Kensington's Soul is a wonderfully written tender and thoroughly enjoyable book by Faith V. Smith. It has everything in it. The plot of the story is superb. There's the usual battle between good and evil, with some danger etc. It kept me on...

5 Stars

Woman on Fire

I love romance and so I read almost any romance that out there, but I've only just discovered the multicultural/interracial category. Now I can't wait to read everything that I can in the category, especially anything written by Fran Lee. I...

5 Stars

More Than Friends: Brad

I thoroughly enjoyed “More Than Friends: Brad” the final installment in the Drace brothers series. It was a powerful story and lovely to see how, sometimes, friendship is turned into love. The story is quite realistic and one th...

  • Author: Marie Rochelle
  • Review by: Eaim
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: * SPICY: HOT Romance, * Contemporary, Diverse Books
  • Publisher: Phaze Books

Memphis Rising

I have just now finished Memphis Rising and I could not put it down because it was so good! And such an easy read. Jury, interesting name, is comfortable in her own skin and Beau knows what he wants and how to go about getting it or her. I...

5 Stars

The Rancher's Twin Troubles - Harlequin American Romance #1342

The Rancher's Twin troubles was a truly enjoyable read for me. I highly recommend this book. I felt like I knew Dallas and Josie because they felt like real people. Two people, who seem to have nothing in common, just going about their dail...

5 Stars

Carnal Moves

Carnal Moves is an interesting, light hearted, sexy and fast paced book. Gideon (bad as you want to be) and Macy (good girl), seem to be a well matched unlikely pair. Which is a contradiction and I didn't see how this could possibly work. B...


Be My Warlock Tonight - Book three in the Darklander Lovers series.

Be My Warlock Tonight is another short, sexy and fun read from Renee Field. I loved reading Be my warlock tonight. This is my second book in this series and I found that I really enjoy this author's writing style. The book is scorching hot....


Be My Werecat Tonight - Book two in the Darklander Lovers series

Be My Werecat Tonight is the first book in this series and my first book by this author. You get no boring moments in this book. I found it to be very sexy and fun too. The characters were richly developed and I loved reading about them. I...


Bad Dog and the Babe - A Hollywood After Dark book.

Bad Dog and the Babe is a quick, Very Hot and easy read. I read it straight through because it was hard to put down. Both the hero and the heroine went through the gamut of emotions that make you forget, until the end, that they had only kn...