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Yummy Indulgences - Men of Charlestown, #1

Yummy Indulgences is a sweet romantic read that explores the love between Allen Garner, rugged, masculine, only out to his family and Shiloh Ballard, a lean, openly gay, bakery chef and owner. Throughout this story, author Andi Anderson mai...

4 Stars

Darach's Cariad - The Fire Trilogy Book 2

Doug's Review I am a big fan of Science Fiction, fantasy, paranormal, and the like. After reading RJ Scott's first book in the The Fire Trilogy series, Kian, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to read this book, Darach, as well. The boo...

4 Stars

The Sweet One

The Sweet One is a touching love story between Micah, an understated man who, from birth, has been destined for one thing…Noah. Noah has spent his entire existence overseeing his charges, watching their lives, reporting back to the A...

3 Stars

Back Home

One would have to be living under a rock not to recognize the name RJ Scott. Although she is new to the writing scene, relatively new that is, she has produced a large, yet quality, mass of writing. This is the second of her books I have ha...


Mark's Opening Gambit

Mark’s Opening Gambit by Lee Brazil follows Mason and Mark as their two worlds collide. Mark comes from wealthy parents where image and status mean everything. Mason comes from a world where double income living isn’t a choice, it’s a requi...


Convergence - Mother Earth, Book 3

Convergence by Ally Blue is the third book of the Mother Earth series. I haven’t read the first two books, so I can tell you with all confidence, this book works beautifully as a standalone. With that said, I am looking forward to gain back...


Blood & Tears - Sequel to Flesh & Blood

Blood and Tears by Ethan Stone is the third in a series. The first book, In The Flesh, introduced us to Cristian and Colby and their world. In the second book, Flesh and Blood, we continue to follow Cristian and Colby, but a new character j...

3 Stars

Hot Italian Lover

Hot Italian Lover is the first book I've read by Ryan Field. In reviewing Mr. Field's titles, he has a penchant for taking tried and true stories and retelling them with a m/m slant. Using such clever titles as A Christmas Carl, Dancing Dir...


Telling the Truth - Truth or Dare

Telling the Truth by Lee Brazil is the second in a series of three (so far). It follows four brothers who own and manage a production company in Hollywood. In the first book, Keeping House, we met Mischa, a sweet, young, free spirit who was...

5 Stars

Dignity Takes a Holiday - A Sitcom for the Taste-Challenged in 24 Episodes

Before I get into my review, I would like to give a warning that this book is not for the easily offended. There are topics and situations which, if taken at face value, are quite taboo. My review will not touch on those, so I simply mentio...

5 Stars

No Apologies

No Apologies is the first book I have read by Tibby Armstrong and I am now a devout follower. There is not one thing I can say to criticize this story. The characters, the use of language, the intricacya dn precision of language to evoke th...

5 Stars

Sunday in the Park with George

Sunday in the Park with George is the third book I have read by AJ Llewellyn. The story follows Lucas Addison, a world champion chess player, and Kevin Morgan, a former movie and stage star who has fallen from public grace. From the beginni...


Born To Please

Born to Please is the first book I have read by author GA Hauser and now that I have I will most definitely be reading several more. To start, her style is fluid, each scene connecting seamlessly to the next. Her characters are real, dealin...



Onikoroshi , by Eon De Beaumont and Augusta Li is the first book I have read by either author. A tale that follows Alan and Graham as they visit Inabia, turns into a battle against a demon and an examination of what is truly good and evil....

4 Stars
  • Authors: Augusta Li, Eon De Beaumont
  • Review by: Doug
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: GLBTQ, * SPICY: HOT Romance, * Romance: Speculative / PNR
  • Publisher: Phaze Books


While I am not entirely sure how the book Kick ended up at Night Owl Reviews, I nonetheless enjoyed the read. Perhaps this is because I am a public school educator and know this author’s work or perhaps it’s the premise under wh...

  • Authors: Walter Dean Myers, Ross Workman
  • Review by: Doug
  • Genre: YA
  • Tags: * Young Adult
  • Publisher: HarperCollins

Crisis in Faith

Crisis in Faith , A Dreamspinner Press Day Dream is a story about a vampire who is faced with the same decision we are all faced with at one point or another in our lives. What direction will my life take? Vampirism may have finally become...


The Elevator Mechanic - Workplace Encounters, Book One

The Elevator Mechanic is a story which portrays the journey two men take as they open their hearts to accept love into their lives. Joe Taylor is an understated man with a past that has caused him to seek stability and to steer clear of any...


Happy Birthday, Nancy Tobin

Happy Birthday Nancy Tobin opens with a 39 year-old Nancy a week before her fortieth birthday. From the get-go, we see the trials of Nancy’s life; a loveless marriage to a heartless husband, a job working in a university library for a...



Every once in a while, I come across a book that doesn’t quite fit into the normal mold of what I tend to read, but which blows me away. Stray is one of those books. The story follows Terry, Marc, and Dan as they struggle to deal with...

4 Stars